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Mike Scioscia signals moves on the horizon for struggling Angels

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Are the Angels going to be Buyers or Sellers? That all depends on how you think they'll fare in the rest of the season, and Mike Scioscia seems to already have an idea of what the Angels want to do.

With almost 60 games down on the season, the Angels are in a quandary. There is little to be excited about by way of on-field performance and offensive output, which would lend credence to the idea that they should see what they can do to build for next season, scrapping the 2015 campaign. On the other hand, they're only four games out in an AL West that still has question marks in the sustainability of the Houston Astros, and a Texas team that is only a couple steps ahead of the pack. If the Angels believe they can pull through in the division standings, then it might make them Buyers as opposed to Sellers. Mike Scioscia spoke at length with CBS Sports Radio yesterday, where he shines a light on the Halos' woeful start, and how they should approach the upcoming trade season.

This is a team that won 98 games last season, but is struggling to put up more than a few runs per night on a consistent basis in this, the following season, and the impotent offense is duly noted by Mike Scioscia himself:

"As an organization, we’re not as deep offensively as we were last year when we led the league in runs," Scioscia said. "Howie Kendrick was traded to the Dodgers, obviously. We know Josh Hamilton is not with us. Some of the guys we brought in are struggling. And some guys are getting close to 200 at-bats, and I think when you get to that range and you’re struggling, you have to really look in the mirror and see what’s going on."

Mike Scioscia is looking in a mirror...finally. I guess it's better late than never, but his words in this interview make it seem like he genuinely believes in the bottom of the order, no matter how obvious their shortcomings have been.

"If we don't produce more offensively, we're not going to reach our goals. It's that simple...we need more offense NOW."

Again, this is sounding less and less like a "Blow the team up" mindset from the Angels, and more of a "hey, we can win the division, at least" way of thinking. Of course, your mileage may vary on how much Scioscia is a mouthpiece for the rest of the organization, and while I love Scioscia's Can Do attitude, it seems like his vision for the team is predicated simply on guys getting hot. There is no rhyme or reason to that hope, nothing in the first 59 games will statistically support that it will happen, but Sosh is simply holding on to the idea that "hey, guys are bad right now. They'll get hot eventually. Right?" That may be true, but if the past few years have been any indication, they'll finally get hot once they're traded away from Anaheim. Just look at Scioscia's unfounded, and kind of unsettling, optimism:

"At some point, this offense has start to get going. It's gonna be a simple equation: if our offense gets going, we're really confident in our ability to become a championship caliber team. And if we continue to struggle, the way we did for certainly the first month of the season, it's going to be a long summer, and we know that"

So, if the Angels get their offense going, then they'll be good. If not, they'll be bad. Everybody caught up? I jest, and it does seem like Mike's mincing words a bit and dodging the questions, but he becomes more resolute on the topic in other parts of the interview, cutting to the chase more than we're used to seeing out of the skip:

"So right now, there’s probably not one thing you’re going to do that’s going to all of a sudden propel you to where you want to be," Scioscia continued. "We have to be patient in some areas. And then in other areas, frankly, there’s no doubt that we’ll be looking at some changes here in a couple weeks if we can’t get some production."

If they can't get production, there are going to be changes. I take this as "Yes, we're going to be making a run at the AL West and hope to move some pieces around in order to get a guy that can hit and/or get on base more than Matt Joyce." I give Scioscia credit for trying to be diplomatic about it, and he did his best to shield himself from actually having an opinion by trotting out some of his usual cliches and excruciatingly obvious rhetoric. But he is also tipping his hand, and a team that is bottom five in team AVG, OBP and Runs Scored makes it hard to conceal the fact that something needs to be done if you are hoping to make a post-season run. Whether the Angels would remain all-in on this season, or start planning for 2016, is a topic that's been up in the air as of late in the Halosphere, but it seems like the answer is written on the wall.