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Cubs have had "multiple conversations" with Angels about acquiring a starting pitcher

The trade season is upon us, and the Angels have said they may be looking to add some pieces. Would the Cubs make a good trade partner? According to a recent report, they've been talking.

David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

On Thursday night, a quiet missive was posted by the Chicago Sun Times, stating that the Cubs have looked into all clubs for potential mid-rotation starting pitching

A major league source said the Cubs have contacted all of the 29 other teams seeking at least a mid-rotation-quality starter capable of falling in behind Jon Lester and Jake Arrieta in a Cubs’ playoff rotation – and that a potential deal with the pitching-rich Mets may have been derailed by slugging prospect Javy Baez’s recent hand injury....In addition to the Mets, the Cubs also have had multiple conversations with the Los Angeles Angels, sources say.

So the Angels and Cubs have apparently been heating up the stove, if only just a tiny bit.  So what would we be looking at here, exactly, if the two teams could work something out? Here's the tidbit about what the Cubs may be willing to part with in return for a starting arm:

Sources say the Cubs are not willing to give up any of their bigger-named prospects – for instance, any of the rookies on the current roster – but are willing to consider most others from a growing pool of other hitting prospects, if it means getting back an experienced starter with multiple years of club control left.

Okay, so none of their top guys, most likely, but if we're putting on our official Hot Stove Gossip Hats and standard issue front office polo shirts for a second, then let's throw some darts about who the Angels could snag from a deal like this. I asked our resident prospect prognosticator if there was any worthy meat on this bone.

Turk's Teeth: "Definitely the club you want to see come knocking. Loved the first 3 rounds of their draft: Happ, Dewees, Hudson. Really love Happ. Would ask for at least Dewees as PTBNL in a trade. Would instantly redeem the 2015 draft for me."

The players he mentioned, FYI:

Ian Happ-the Cub's first round pick, and a consensus Top 25 player. He's known for his bat, but has questions about where he'd end up in MLB. Played 2B in college and some scouts like him there in The Show, while others think he'll end up in a corner OF position. Either way, lots of good stuff about this kid to read up on.

Donnie Dewees-this is an OF that they took in the second round, and is a guy that Turk's(and other mocks) had as a possible first round pick for the Angels. We all know how that ended up.

Bryan Hudson-A 6'8, 220lb prep arm from Illinois who the Cubs took in the third round.

Of course, this is all just daydreaming and speculation, but I wonder if they're in need of starting pitching that badly, what it would take from the Angels to get one or two of these guys. We have a bonafide trade piece right now in C.J. Wilson, but we'd need some confidence from guys in AAA to make a move like that at this point. Would a Hector Santiago or Matt Shoemaker be able to get anything done on a deal like this?