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Angels GM Jerry Dipoto talks trades, offensive woes and hopes for second half of season

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The Angels GM talked about winning with what they've got, being patient and BOMBSHELL: the Halos are NOT going to get Hank Aaron or Babe Ruth.

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

Alden Gonzalez had an interesting piece this afternoon regarding the Angels and their possible role in the trade market, which included some choice quotes from GM Jerry Dipoto. The main crux of the piece is nothing that we weren't aware of already: the Angels aren't exactly buyers, because the division is still close, and it's not just specific to the team or the AL West. There just aren't that many teams out there that are selling, due to how close some divisional races are right now, and that can be a climate that cools even the hottest of hot stove talk.

This info isn't necessarily new, and has been bandied about in many comment threads, but at least there was some agreement from Alden with the Angels community at large, as far as who might be the best natural trade partner for the Halos:

The White Sox, Mariners, Red Sox, Padres and Marlins have all underperformed, but they have too much stock on this season to waive the proverbial white flag, and so the Phillies and Brewers are the only true sellers right now.

We've heard Ben Revere since early this season, and it's not exactly a sexy trade by any means. He could still be an upgrade, but I don't see the Angels moving anybody to get him. Gonzalez also mentions the Brewers, and the obvious candidate there would be Adam Lind. The fact that we're still talking about Revere and Lind speaks volumes about how little action there is on the foreseeable trade deadline future, and the Angels search for LF help continues to look like a fruitless endeavor.

The meat of the article is pertaining to Dipoto's views on the team, and his admission that while there isn't anything particularly Earth shattering out there in the free agent front, he may be content just seeing what this team can do with the players they have now:

"There is something that we can do between now and the [July 31 non-waiver Trade Deadline] to help augment this team, but it's not going to change the way that we play baseball," Angels general manager Jerry Dipoto said. "There's just not that kind of market out there. We're not going to acquire Babe Ruth and Hank Aaron. That's just not the way this works."

So there's the bombshell that the Angels are NOT in on Hank Aaron or Babe Ruth, so don't get your hopes up on those two guys wearing Angel red any time soon. Of course, the team doesn't NEED an Aaron or Ruth. They just need a mediocre-to-good left fielder, someone that can put the ball in play more regularly than Matt Joyce. Shouldn't be too hard, right? The article not only explains that the Brewers and Phillies may be their best bets for trades, but that C.J. Wilson is on the block, as well as any other prospect arm NOT named Newcomb, Heaney or Ellis. They also have around $15 million of payroll that they can still play with, so Dipoto has the ammunition. He just needs to find the target, and pull the trigger.


"The best chance we have of making an impact acquisition is if these guys click in the second half," Dipoto said. "None of them are old, none of them have shown any warning signs that this is the end of their careers. They're going to be fine; we just have to be patient."

If you ever fantasized about Jerry Dipoto using a Halos Heaven meme while talking to the press, then today is your lucky day. This quote sounded an awfully like Dipoto's version of We Will Win With What We Got. WWWWWWG is dangerous, but could work. Of course, while some may not be old, or show signs it's the end of their careers, a few of our guys have stats that suggest their MLB careers haven't even begun yet. I'll be interested to see what they do, and if these guys "click", the damage they can do in the AL West.