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Mike Checked: Mike Trout and the Angels easily dispatch Yankees 4-1

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Mike Trout hit a bomb and did amazing Mike Trout things, the pitching was outstanding and the Angels trounced the Yankees 4-1. C.J Cron, who was called up just today, also contributed with a confidence building HR blast.

Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

Angels 4  Yankees 1

The coalition of traveling cologne salesmen known as the New York Yankees sauntered into Angel Stadium tonight to start a series against the beloved and heroic Angels this evening, and what a contest it was. While reports were being released about tensions heating up and boiling over between Jerry Dipoto and Mike Scioscia, the Halos were on the field crushing baseballs, robbing Yanks of big plays and generally bumming out the Yankees drones in attendance, who in pure basic baseball fan fashion turned out for their yearly game, their yearly appointment to wear their NY hat in public, and the Angels’ usher’s yearly soul-crushing subjugation to their annoying and obnoxious whims. No, tonight the Angels proved spoiler to the carpetbaggers and gave the Halos faithful numerous things to cheer about.

  1. Mike Trout had a monster game. He not only hit a huge, go-ahead HR in the third. He also robbed Chris Young of not one, but TWO, would-be extra base hits when he made a pair of twisting & leaping plays in deep, deep center. Young was so deflated after the second one that he could only throw his hands in disbelief. Trout being Trout, and killing C.C. Sabathia(NY’s starter tonight) per usual.

  2. Albert Pujols kicked things off in the first with an RBI double down the right field line, which scored Johnny Giavotella. Albert has cooled off a bit in the past week, so it was nice to see him get extra bags early on, and give the Angels a leg up.

  3. C.J. Wilson pitched well through his 6.0 IP, giving up five hits and just one run. In relief, youngster Trevor Gott was also pretty good, as he pitched a one hit, no run seventh inning. Joe Smith did his usual thing and Huston Street finally managed not to turn the base paths into murky, dangerous waters. Great pitching all around this evening.

  4. C.J. Cron got called up, again, and given his struggles to hit big league pitching, many people were somewhat hesitant and wary. Cron, for at least one night, assuaged all of those fears as he absolutely crushed a bomb into the left field stands. If this former first rounder can finally reign in some of that power, and channel it into MLB plate discipline, then this lineup all of a sudden gets pretty tasty.

  5. Kole Calhoun continued to be in the middle of some big plays, as he got an RBI double in the fifth, scoring a fired-up Daniel Robertson.

The Angels came out ready to crush these pretenders from the east coast, and crush they did. The Yankees could only muster up one run, on a single from Alex Rodriguez in the third, while the Angels just kept laying on the hurt until the stands were eerily absent of all navy blue apparel, only the RED remained, forever hence forth. The Angels closed things out with a commanding 4-1 trouncing, an delicious notch in the win column and one step closer to full vindication from the embarrassment they suffered in the Bronx 7-11 auxiliary parking lot known as Yankee Stadium. They have two more against this joke of an MLB team, and the Angels have only just begun. I almost feel sorry for New York. Almost.