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Jerry Dipoto may be stepping down as Angels GM

Nothing is confirmed, but Ken Rosenthal and Alden Gonzalez are reporting that Jerry Dipoto could be stepping down, however the club isn't confirming anything.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Is the writing on the wall for Angels GM Jerry Dipoto? It would seem as though, if true, he may have run out of will and determination to fight against the Halo red rip tide of Mike Scioscia and Arte Moreno. Moreno held a closed door meeting in the clubhouse after tonight's game, first setting off rounds of speculation, and then once those let out, the new rumors of Dipoto's departure began to swirl. Alden Gonzalez also had a source telling him the end may be nigh for Jedi:

"It’s possible," said the source, who couldn’t speak on the matter publicly.

This is getting pretty crazy. Something is up. If Dipoto steps down, I will feel for the guy. This was the only way out that would also keep some more doors open in his baseball future. He can plausibly deny that he had anything to do with the rift or failures in the team, possibly evidenced by the fact that it came to a head during a winning streak. He can clap his hands like a blackjack dealer now, and be done with the whole ordeal.