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Mike Scioscia defends Mike Trout in the #2 slot

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Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Lyle is losing one of his heroes to The Dark Side!

Article in today’s OCR, about where it makes sense to slot Trout in the batting order:

"…there is the idea that if Trout hit in the No. 3 spot, he would have more opportunities to drive in runs. That is debatable. ‘There is a lot of sabermetric analysis that shows that second could be optimum (for your best hitter),’ Manager Mike Scioscia said…"

Sharp eyes reading through that article might notice that no mention is made of actually slotting Trout at #1. This is even though the direct evidence is presented that it would be more advantageous:
"…From the first hole down to third hole you are taking 40-50 at-bats away from him during the year…"
(So right there the obvious point is being made to ask the question: then why not give Trout 40-50 more at-bats per year???)
"…Trout is the Angels’ best base-stealer, so obviously he is the best equipped to get into scoring position after a walk or single….a slower player batting second probably won’t score on Trout’s hits as often as Trout does on the hits from the players behind him…"
(Thus, why start off every game with the opportunity to put a lower runner in his way around the bases?)
And, finally, nobody goes back and does the pull about how Trout did, you know, already prove to be the most lethal #1 hitter baseball has seen since at least Rickey Henderson.