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2015 MLB Draft: Consensus Rankings, Final Draft Board

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Halos Heaven's final estimate of the "best players available" at each slot in the first two rounds of the draft.

First rounders.
First rounders.
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The 2015 First-Year Player Draft begins tomorrow afternoon, Monday at 4pm Pacific Time, and will include the first two rounds of the draft, and all supplemental rounds before round three. 75 picks in all. The LA Angels do not have the best draft position this cycle, but they do have two picks tomorrow, at #26 and #70.

This revises the draft board I presented a week and a half ago, bringing it up to date with the latest mocks presented in the last 10 days, since May 27. It is a weighted average of 11 draft mocks, 3 prospect talent rankings (, Baseball America and Fangraphs), and the Community Mock at SBN MinorLeagueBall that was conducted last week. Fifteen lists in all. It incorporates the opinions of Keith Law, Jim Callis, Jonathan Mayo, John Manuel, John Sickels, Jeff Ellis, Kiley McDaniel and others. If you dig "wisdom of the (informed) crowd", this be it.

Many of these folks will post last minute draft revisions tomorrow morning, attempting to capture whatever gossip about signability and medical assessments they harvested over the weekend. This doesn't really matter. This isn't a mock draft. It's a "consensus" estimate as to who might the "best of the rest" at any moment during tomorrow's draft selection process. We hope you can use it as a reference as you watch, to help identify the surprises and the overdrafts, and to understand where the Angels' take on their own internal needs jives (or doesn't) with the consensus take on the "best of the rest".

Separately I'll post a "Turk's Board" (and here it is, fresh off the griddle!) to capture some of the names that I think might most improve the Angels' farm as it stands, and benchmark it against what we know the Angels are looking for via industry news and scuttlebutt. Until then, enjoy this table of the might-be-greats, newly expanded to 75 names, calibrated to the number of Monday evening picks.

Slot Team Player Level & Position Avg Rank
1 Arizona Diamondbacks Dansby Swanson College SS 1.40
2 Houston Astros Brendan Rodgers HS SS 2.33
3 Colorado Rockies Alex Bregman College SS 3.67
4 Texas Rangers Dillon Tate College RHP 5.60
5 Houston Astros Kyle Tucker HS OF 6.20
6 Minnesota Twins Carson Fulmer College RHP 6.73
7 Boston Red Sox Tyler Jay College LHP 6.73
8 Chicago White Sox Daz Cameron HS OF 7.64
9 Chicago Cubs Andrew Benintendi College OF 9.60
10 Philadelphia Phillies Tyler Stephenson HS C 11.47
11 Cincinnati Reds Trenton Clark HS OF 12.47
12 Miami Marlins Jon Harris College RHP 14.64
13 Tampa Bay Rays Walker Buehler College RHP 14.80
14 Atlanta Braves Ian Happ College OF/2B 15.80
15 Milwaukee Brewers Garrett Whitley HS OF 15.80
16 New York Yankees Kolby Allard HS LHP 16.93
17 Cleveland Indians Mike Nikorak HS RHP 17.73
18 San Francisco Giants James Kaprielian College RHP 18.33
19 Pittsburgh Pirates Cornelius Randolph HS SS/3B 18.80
20 Oakland Athletics Kyle Funkhouser College RHP 20.36
21 Kansas City Royals Chris Betts HS C/1B 20.79
22 Detroit Tigers Phil Bickford JC RHP 21.47
23 St Louis Cardinals Kevin Newman College SS 22.79
24 Los Angeles Dodgers Brady Aiken HS LHP 23.67
25 Baltimore Orioles Ashe Russell HS RHP 24.86
26 Los Angeles Angels Nick Plummer HS OF 25.45
27 Colorado Rockies Michael Matuella College RHP 27.08
28 Atlanta Braves D.J. Stewart College OF 27.27
29 Toronto Blue Jays Nathan Kirby College LHP 27.80
30 New York Yankees Donny Everett HS RHP 28.85
31 San Francisco Giants Cody Ponce College RHP 31.91
32 Pittsburgh Pirates Richie Martin College SS 32.30
33 Kansas City Royals Scott Kingery College 2B 33.09
34 Detroit Tigers Justin Hooper HS LHP 34.25
35 Los Angeles Dodgers Beau Burrows HS RHP 34.50
36 Baltimore Orioles Donnie Dewees College OF 35.33
37 Houston Astros Ke'Bryan Hayes HS 3B 35.33
38 Colorado Rockies Alex Young College LHP 37.00
39 St Louis Cardinals Eric Jenkins HS OF 37.57
40 Milwaukee Brewers Austin Smith HS RHP 37.83
41 Atlanta Braves Juan Hillman HS LHP 39.11
42 Cleveland Indians Nolan Watson HS RHP 39.71
43 Arizona Diamondbacks Dakota Chalmers HS RHP 39.86
44 Colorado Rockies Jacob Nix JC RHP 39.88
45 Texas Rangers Blake Trahan College SS 40.13
46 Houston Astros Jalen Miller HS SS 40.75
47 Chicago Cubs Chris Shaw College 1B/OF 44.33
48 Philadelphia Phillies Mitch Hansen HS OF 45.60
49 Cincinnati Reds Triston McKenzie HS RHP 46.33
50 Miami Marlins Demi Orimoloye HS OF 47.00
51 San Diego Padres Drew Finley HS RHP 49.20
52 Tampa Bay Rays Tristan Beck HS RHP 49.33
53 New York Mets Peter Lambert HS RHP 49.40
54 Atlanta Braves Kyle Holder College SS 50.20
55 Milwaukee Brewers Tyler Nevin HS 3B 51.83
56 Toronto Blue Jays Mikey White College SS 52.20
57 New York Yankees Thomas Eshelman College RHP 52.83
58 Washington Nationals Brady Singer HS RHP 54.00
59 Cleveland Indians Riley Ferrell College RHRP 55.40
60 Seattle Mariners Cole Sands HS RHP 56.00
61 San Francisco Giants Alonzo Jones HS IF/OF 56.50
62 Pittsburgh Pirates Luken Baker HS RHP/1B 56.67
63 Oakland Athletics Kyle Cody College RHP 58.00
64 Kansas City Royals Kep Brown HS OF 60.00
65 Detroit Tigers Joe McCarthy College OF 60.50
66 St. Louis Cardinals Jahmai Jones HS 2B/OF 61.00
67 Los Angeles Dodgers Jake Woodford HS RHP 61.40
68 Baltimore Orioles Christin Stewart College OF/1B 61.50
69 Washington Nationals Kyle Molnar HS RHP 62.00
70 Los Angeles Angels Josh Naylor HS 1B 62.40
71 Cincinnati Reds Bryce Denton HS OF 65.75
72 Seattle Mariners Austin Rei College C 68.25
73 Minnesota Twins Josh Staumont College RHP 70.75
74 Los Angeles Dodgers Mike Soroka HS RHP 71.00
75 Atlanta Braves David Hill
College RHP

Andrew Suarez College LHP *75.00