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Week 09 - Pregame Picks Results

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Week Leader: brownlunchsack
Overall Leader: Professor Baseball (7 weeks)

Andy Marlin-USA TODAY Sports

Individual Games

GAME # 51 52 53 54 (OFF) 55 56

(Not included in the weekly Results SUN: 57)

Week 9 Results

brownlunchsack destroyed the competition this week with 9 points... managing to score in every game except for Saturday! 4 different players were tied for a distant 2nd with 5 points a piece.

Full results are here.

Overall Results

Professor Baseball still retains the gold position for the 7th week in a row, despite a rough week. However, basically everyone in the top 10 suffered a similar lack of points this week. (No doubt linked to the Halos troubles...)

2nd place continues to be held by Lodihalofan, with the gap increasing to 2 points this week.
3rd place was also kept by Ant Fan for another week. The gap between 2nd and 3rd remains at 1 point!

The Top 10 looks like the following:

Professor Baseball 53
Lodihalofan 51
Ant Fan 50
Chone's Chonies 49
1964 46
Atlantangel 46
brownlunchsack 46
btown100 45
max peter 44
angelslogic 42
htennis 42

Overall results are here.