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HumpLinks: Yankees learn Anaheim has "a good team"

You heard him say it, so it must be real: Manager Mike Scioscia on the relationship between he and Jerry Dipoto: they "are a good team". The Yankees agree. There IS a good team in Anaheim.

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As posted yesterday in the latest update, Tim Brown over at Yahoo! Sports is on the case and uncovering the belief that the split between Jerry Dipoto and Mike Scioscia is irreparable. This is serious pressure, even dragging official media mouthpiece Alden Gonzalez into being forced to write something. And even better, Jerry Crasnick is all over it (note the date/time, LOL), so we can all sleep safely knowing that his ace reporting skill are on the job. GBut given a chance to speak about it directly to the media, Sosh was in classic form:

- Mike Scioscia downplayed a report of a renewed rift with general manager Jerry Dipoto on Tuesday, insisting the two are "a good team."

- "I'm passionate, he's passionate."

- Scioscia acknowledged the Angels have changed the way they distribute information from scouts, with the statistical reports now going straight to the players instead of through the coaching staff

- Scioscia...insists he values advanced analytics...

- He disagreed with the notion he is at odds with Dipoto because he relies more on baseball instinct.

- "We get the players prepared, and it's been working, especially our game plan on the pitching side."

- "Whether you're a team president or a GM or a manager or a coach, there's always heavy discussion. But it's good, because you're trying to get to the best decision."

- "Our relationship has developed into a good working relationship, and it's grown from where it was four years ago to where it is now. We make decisions, give input, and that's it."

See? Everything is great. Arte will fix everything.

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Angels Baseball

Andrew Heaney: This Heaney kid is on a roll! 7 innings pitched and only 2 hits allowed, with 2 walks. 1 single, solitary earned run. His ERA is now 1.38 and his WHIP is now a blistering .69. It's nice to have a guy pitching on our side who is causing all kinds of frustration as the new "mystery meat".  I read several posts from yesterday (not all here on HH) that included the trading away of Howie Kendrick as evidence that Dipoto is a horrible GM and needs to go. Duh....Would those people trade 5 years worth of Johnny Giavotella and 5 years of this Andrew Heaney kid for 1 year of Howie Kendrick???............

Case Study: One way to watch this whole Dipoto/Scioscia thing is to just grab a bag of popcorn and consider all the possibilities this might have on how to run a baseball team.  "Typically, the manager serves at the pleasure of the general manager — and that applies more in MLB than ever before. Managerial experience no longer seems to be an important consideration in hiring, and GMs prefer hiring extensions of the front ensure that the organizational philosophy is consistent.  However, the hierarchy in Anaheim is obviously different, with Scioscia in his 16th season as manager, the ear of his owner and likely more pull in roster construction and game strategy than any of his contemporaries in MLB. He holds far more power in the organization than Dipoto, which probably indicates a broken management structure that was always going to be problematic.".............

Mike Trout: Trout stole a base two nights ago. It was the first base he had stolen since May 22. That was 34 games with zero steals, and only 1 attempt (busted). Last night he was caught trying again. In that same period of time, Billy Hamilton of the Reds stole 23 bases and was caught 4 times. Harping on something I brought up the other day, there is more going on here than just "other teams know I am fast and they are using trickery to shut me down". It's some combination of lesser speed, lesser confidence, lesser reading skills, and lesser opportunities due to what coaches are allowing and who is batting behind him.............

Albert Pujols: You might not have noticed, but the super-hot Albert Pujols had cooled off to a mere room-temperature over the past week. But he did slip in one final home run last night, tying him with the franchise record for homers in the month of June at 13...............


Elsewhere in Baseball

Death by Carbs: Baseball's attempt to kill their fan base, one insanely poor food sales after another, has reached the minor league franchises in abundance. I still cannot get past the "Fifth Third Burger. Named for some strange kind of sponsor, of course, that calls itself the Fifth Third Bank.............

Oops: Sometimes the hardest thing to do is intentionally trying not to succeed. With runners on second and third in the 9th inning of a 3-1 game, Ronald Belasario of Tampa Bay was instructed to issue an intentional walk and set up a force out at all bases, including an inning-ending double play, and keep the score close. With his first attempt at NOT throwing a strike, Belasario missed. Badly..............

Indians: The United Church of Christ delivered a petition to the Cleveland Indians demanding that they change their name. While I can empathize with a cause, I have a hard time understanding that the Church really expects anything to come out of this. So we have the question: are all empty gestures pointless? (Follow-up: "World" gives the funniest comment: "Ok. Ohio Indians. name changed.").............

Roger Clemens: A new blemish has appeared on the already tarnished legacy of Roger Clemens. This dirty history gets dirtier all the time, even when we might have thought that it was all in our past. "Phil Kenner, an alleged con man who has been accused of stealing money from NHL players... who took the stand earlier this month to defend himself against charges of wire fraud, conspiracy and money laundering, told FBI investigators in 2011 that Cabo San Lucas golf resort managing partner Ken Jowdy supplied Clemens with PEDs...More than a dozen current and former hockey players claim Kenner and Constantine took money from them under the presumption that it would be used for real estate investments and other business ventures but that it was instead blown on wild parties for Clemens and other MLB stars."

Baseball Biz: San Jose is spending a few more taxpayer dollars on what is most likely a fruitless attempt to get the Supreme Court to overturn the anti-trust exemption of Major League Baseball. San Jose is throwing a hail mary here, but at this point it is all they got. Politics are dirty everywhere, but here in California minicipalities don't get away with as much shanangians as they do in, say, Atlanta. So when San Jose screwed up their own back-door wheeling and dealing to circumvent the public and get land for the Athletics, they got caught. Plans were cancelled and the A's are no longer going anywhere. Since San Jose no stands to win anything with a Court verdict, there is little chance the Court will listen to them in the first place...........

ESPN: Aw, shucks, ESPN is struggling, and at risk of becoming a strategic albatross around the neck of Disney? I feel so bad for them. NOT. ESPN is not going under anytime soon, but they clearly have peaked. They have only themsleves to blame. I have been saying for years that they have fallen into the trap of doing the easy thing, feeding the cow that is already paying out the cash. They have failed at the harder thing because they mock the need to even try: grow more cows that pay out cash. They are happy to be Yankee/Red Sox/Patriots fanboys. Well, at least they used to be happy.