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All of your fears about Mike Butcher are totally true

Jonah Keri is going to drop some more delicious Angels gossip morsels on us tomorrow, but first he stopped by Keith Olbermann's show to discuss the real issues behind the Halos.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

This is a MUST WATCH video right here, ironically appearing on the show that attempted to eviscerate the former leader of this very site. Still, Jonah Keri makes some damning remarks about not just the approach of Mike Scioscia, but also Mike Butcher:

We may have some burgeoning proof in the ever growing case against Mike Butcher. It's been far too often now that a pitcher leaves the Angels, only to find some success on another club. The first couple times, it's funny. Then it just becomes vexing. "Complacency" seems like a word that describes the staff perfectly. It's been something we've all feared, whether on this very site or alone, in a dimly lit room, just you and your Angels fan soul. We feared there was something in the Mike Scioscia recipe for baseball success. Scioscia and Butcher have been put on blast for something that we've screamed about, ranted about and annoyed many of our loved ones about for YEARS, and it's only making me fall deeper into a red-hazed fugue state.

So many secrets are seeing the light of day, but in this case it was a secret hiding in broad daylight. Conspicuous to seemingly all but a fanatical few. What will we learn tomorrow?