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Home run derby odds: Bet the farm on Albert Pujols?

Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

We've got a peek into the upcoming home run derby, featuring a new format, new rules and the return of The Machine. Albert Pujols currently leads the AL in homers, so it was a no-brainer that he'd be invited to the MLB's answer to the NBA's dunk contest(although it's been far more entertaining than the dunk contest for some time now). How much of a shot does the veteran Pujols have in this new, faster version of the Home Run Derby? Well, according to Bovada's odds released today, he's got...a kinda-sorta shot.

2016 Home Run Derby - Odds to Win     

Todd Frazier 7/2

Kris Bryant 5/1

Prince Fielder 11/2

Albert Pujols                             6/1

Anthony Rizzo 13/2

Josh Donaldson 7/1

Joc Pederson 7/1

Manny Machado 7/1

Could be worse, but they've got Todd Frazier as your top dog, with youngster Kris Bryant the second best bet and Texas Rangers' Prince Fielder number three. The new system is using brackets, based on current number of home runs, and time rounds where you can extend the time by hitting more dingers or by hitting super long dingers. Dingers! Kris Bryant and Albert Pujols are squaring off face-to-face in the opening round, so that's obviously the bracket to watch, as Bovada has pretty decent odds that one of those two guys will be there towards the end.

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