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First Half Pregame Picks Results Show!

Week 13 Leader: Eric in Portland
Leader after Wk 13: Ant Fan (new)

Week 14 Leader: Glausistheboss
Leader after Wk 14: Ant Fan (2 wks)

David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports
WEEK 13 GAME 76 GAME 77 GAME 78 GAME 79 off GAME 80 GAME 81
WEEK 14 GAME 82 off GAME 83 GAME 84 GAME 85 GAME 86 GAME 87


(Week 14 includes Game 88)

Week 13

Eric in Portland reigns supreme with a cool 10 points! A perfect score in the over/under game paid off nicely!
Ant Fan grabbed 9 points, just barely missing the top spot, with a nice spread of points for the week.
designerguy, supermarcio, 1964 all tied for 3rd with 7 points a piece!

After week 13... (here)
A changing of the ranks for the first time since Week #3!
Ant Fan grabbed the top spot from Professor Baseball. An 8 point difference between the two helped cause the shift! 
1964 stands strong in 3rd, though 7 points back from the top spot.

Week 14

glausistheboss was indeed the boss the week before the break with a nice score of 9 for the week. 
Lodihalofan and Garbage Grove share the silver position with 8 points each, just missing the top spot!

Overall (here)

Ant Fan continues the lead into the All Star Break, extending the lead to 4! 
Professor Baseball still is in 2nd, despite the tough 2 weeks...
1964 continues to cruise in at 3rd, still 7 points off the lead.
Lodihalofan is just off the podium, only 9 points behind the leader.

The top 20 for the first half of 2015 looks like the following!

Ant Fan 78
Professor Baseball 74
1964 71
Lodihalofan 69
Chone's Chonies 65
angelslogic 62
glausistheboss 60
LanaBanana 60
max peter 58
btown100 57
Atlantangel 57
designerguy 55
tanana40 55
drtrix 52
Brownlunchsack 50
Slyintine 50
Eric in Portland 50
htennis 49
Andyman 49
grahams98 48