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MLB trade rumors: Angels still looking for offensive help

The Angels are in first place, but if they can help their team with a trade, they're open to it. But it won't come cheap.

Rob Foldy/Getty Images

A few weeks ago, it would have been a foregone conclusion that the Angels would be aggressively hitting the trade market in search of a left-handed bat that could be inserted in the lineup with immediate results. The front office shake up threw a big enough wrench into those plans as it is, but the stagnant market also helped keep the Angels playing with what they have. Of course, they're also now WINNING with what they have, so the already molasses-paced hot stove trade market comes to an even more excruciating call. That's assuming the Angels are even making calls to other GMs at all since climbing to the top of the AL West in the past week. Well, Mike DiGiovanna hears that they are indeed still in pursuit of an extra offensive piece, but will they be able to get what they're looking for without paying a stiff price?

The posturing makes sense, considering how many teams are still sniffing post-season glory, and it's not like it's exclusively the Angels who find themselves in a hot stove holding pattern; the whole league is in a Sergio Leone-style standoff, waiting for that first gunfighter GM to draw their prospect pistol before guns go a'blazin and bodies begin to fall. One of the big names that keeps getting thrown around is Reds OF Jay Bruce.

Of course, Halos Heaven member Greatjake was riding the Bruce Express long before the national baseball writers began to see the potential upside he could provide to teams, not just with his plate prowess but also his friendly contract.  Ben Zobrist and Ben Revere have been mentioned so many times now, and by just about every team in the league(or at least it seems that way) that we can safely put to bed any of those deals happening or being reassessed. It's going to cost them pitching, not only because that seems to fit the needs of a dozen or so teams, but simply because that's all the Angels have to offer at this point. You definitely don't want them pulling the trigger on Andrew Heaney, Nick Tropeano and Sean Newcomb. As much as we love new 7th inning set-up man Trevor Gott, he can assuredly be mentioned as a prime target for teams, and someone who the Angels may very well be open to parting ways with.

They may be in first place, but as Bill Stoneman said last week, if they can help the club with a trade, they'll do it. We're just waiting for the chips to fall, some teams to settle into their divisional malaise and then we'll see a bevy of moves made. Will the Angels be included?