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MLB trade deadline: The Angels should be calling the Tigers about Yoenis Cespedes

If Detroit is open to dealing the left fielder, should the Halos be calling, and what would it take?

Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

In recent article regarding the Angels and their possible interest in Cincinnati OF Jay Bruce, Halos Heaven member SFAngelsFan posited that perhaps we needed to look somewhere else, and nominated Yoenis Cespedes as the pretender to the trade deadline crown. It's an intriguing idea; a fun little thought experiment in which we eliminate Albert Pujols and other Halos getting gunned at home plate a few times a the very least. But it gets even more thought provoking when you learn that the Tigers are totally open to shop Cespedes around. He'd be a rental, as he is about to hit the free agent market come season's end, but could he be the piece the team needs to capitalize on this championship team window?

In a report by Alden Gonzalez earlier today, the Angels said they are "casting a wide net" , as far as the search for offensive help goes. They're also not opposed to the idea of a rental, either, as long as the price is right. The first piece they may try to deal would be C.J. Wilson, but considering that the Tigers are putting David Price on the trading block, they may not be too enthused about picking up another pitcher who's set to make $20 million in 2016. Plus, Wilson can block trades to 8 teams, and who knows if Detroit is one of them. So to get Yoenis Cespedes in the Anaheim outfield, it'd most likely take some of our prospect arms. You know, just like every other trade is probably going to require.

I have to imagine that Sean Newcomb is off limits, as they want to see what they have in their recent first rounder. Nick Tropeano and Chris Ellis are such promising talents, they're departure for a rental Cespedes would sting and needlessly undo some excellent Jerry Dipoto additions. Trevor Gott is a young fireballer, our man entrenched in seventh inning save duties, and he could be tasty chum for calm trade waters. Some teams could see a closer in his future, or the perfect situational reliever. If the Angels get a rental, it's going to hurt...but depending on who they ship away, that pain can be mitigated.

So, you want some Yoenis Cespedes in your life, or nah? What gets the deal done?