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Architectural renderings of new life-sized Mike Trout bobblehead being erected at the Big A

Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

The Angels announced today that on Friday they'd be revealing a life-sized Mike Trout bobble head near the left field Trout Farm area of Angels stadium, in celebration of his 2014 A.L. MVP award. No word yet on what it looks like exactly, but Halos Heaven hired a local architectural design firm, Daceyland, to provide us with some renderings of what the bobble head will look like once it's completed.

Here we have a good view of the stadium during the day, and as you can see, the Mike Trout bobble head will provide some extra shade out in the pavilion area, however it will also take up a good chunk of the seating out there. This is 1:1 scale, and I gotta say, it looks pretty neat.


Rumors among beat writers and folk lore enthusiasts today have speculated that the statue will also act as a beacon of hope and protection from marauding forces, along the lines of the Colossus of Rhodes or the fictional Titan of Braavos. Life Sized Mike Trout Bobble Head will contain an emergency hatch, located near the bobble head's tailbone, and it will contain cauldrons of hot, scalding oil and archers on the ready 24/7, in case the stadium or team is attacked by invading forces and they need to defend Anaheim, or if there are just too many Red Sox or Yankees fans in attendance during a home game.

Life Sized Mike Trout Bobble Head will also be a fully functional Jaeger, which will serve as the first(and last) line of defense on the southland metro area from any impending Kaiju attacks. Here we have another rendering to give us an idea of how Life Sized Mike Trout Statue might look while battling some foes.


Not too shabby if you ask me. It's definitely a step up from the Mickey Mouse statue that currently sits out in front of the Big A right now. Plus, the Orange County really needs to figure out the Kaiju problem before it's too late. This life sized bobble head of Mike Trout kills two birds with one stone.

Finally, we see what it will look like when Mike Scioscia tries to pull some shenanigans on Life Sized Mike Trout Bobble Head. He obviously is intimidated, the first time that's happened in Angels Stadium since Kenny G played the national anthem before a game and made Scioscia feel insecure about his own saxophone skills. Mike Scioscia pushes everybody around, but he can't push around Mike Trout, and he definitely can't sass off to Life Sized Mike Trout Bobble Head.


Honestly, in a season full of front office actions that range from messy and obnoxious to downright reprehensible, this move to have a little fun and build a great photo op for the fans wins them quite a bit of favor and adulation, in my book. They have something special in Mike Trout, and from a business standpoint, he is a money maker for the franchise. So it's not really surprising that they'd pull out all the stops, and build this Life Sized Mike Trout Bobble Head. My only gripe, and it's not THAT important but I do have one...just one tiny's that I thought Mike Trout was BIGGER. Oh well, I'll just have to take their word.