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The most honest baseball fan in the world loves Mike Trout

This is how everybody feels about Mike Trout, it's just fans of other teams are too conflicted to express it. Not this guy. He is honest about his baseball.

Scott Halleran/Getty Images

I like to think that most baseball fans like Mike Trout. Perhaps many of them are hesitant to show said love for Mike Trout. It's understandable. You WANT to love him, but he's not on your team, so what can you do? Just pretend to NOT love Mike Trout? That sounds crazy, and a dishonest way to go through life. But loving a team can permit you from following your heart and your mind.

Not this guy. Even in the midst of his Oakland Athletics fandom, even in a warzone like Dodger Stadium, where you're basically flaunting your admiration for the opponent at hand AND the big, rival slugger from down the 5 freeway, even in the face of getting pummeled online and by his own community...he loves Mike Trout.

I salute you, Oakland A's Mike Trout Fan. You know in your heart who is the best player in the universe. And rivalry be damned, you can't help but represent him with an insane, Trout/A's jersey. You're an inspiration to us all, to find the truths of the world, and speak them openly and without a care of blowback or mockery.

I hope this is the beginning of a movement. MLB fans: loving Mike Trout is OK. If you have to put his name on your team's jersey, in order to rationalize it or make yourself more comfortable wearing Mike Trout's name out in the world, then more power to you. Halos Heaven stands  behind the grand swaying of team loyalties and will eventually accept all of you with loving and open arms when you finally decide, on one fateful day, to Angels jersey. One of us. Don't be scared. It will say "Mike Trout" on the back, and pretty soon you'll forget all about that other, Trout-less team you once cheered for.

The power of Trout compels you.

Yep, a #MikeTrout #Athletics jersey tonight at Dodger Stadium. A's fans are creative...

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