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Angels were in talks with Brewers for Adam Lind; Bud Black future GM?

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Ken Rosenthal released a report yesterday that, among other baseball notes, indicated the Angels have been talking with the Brewers regarding a trade for some offensive help. This was all PRIOR to Jerry Dipoto's departure, and the players involved on the Milwaukee side were said to be Gerardo Parra and Adam Lind. This is not the first time we've heard Adam Lind mentioned in a trade rumor this year, as it seems the Angels have kicked the tires on him more times than he has tires. Parra, on the other hand, was a new name of interest to pop up, most likely because he's not exactly what the Angels need. He's having a good 2015, but the career numbers indicate he's more of a defensive asset.

Also, Rosenthal states that their is "rampant" speculation that the Angels want Bud Black as their next GM. Scioscia and Moreno love him. First obstacle(and only obstacle) cleared. No surprise there, either, but youd have to wonder if he'd want to take that step considering recent events.

One other tidbit that came out over the holiday was that before leaving, Jerry Dipoto had a deal in place for Phillies' Ben Revere. Revere, like Lind, is someone whose name has been mentioned many times in regards to the Angels filling their LF spot, but this report has the Angels pretty close to pulling the trigger, however the deal fell through. From MLBTradeRumors:

Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe reports that the Phillies and Angels came close a few weeks ago on a trade that would’ve sent Revere to Anaheim for right-hander Trevor Gott.  The Phils thought the deal was done but the Halos "pulled out of the deal at the last minute and tried to redirect the Phillies toward a starting pitching prospect."  Talks fell through after that.

Whoa. So the Angels wanted to send Trevor Gott away for Ben Revere? I would be very much against that, had it gone through, but luckily it seems like the Angels realized they may have overplayed their hand, as they backed off. I wonder who they offered up instead of Gott?