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MLB All Star Game 2015: Albert Pujols is an Angels all star, will start in place of Miguel Cabrera

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Better stock up on travel-sized bottles of shaving cream and mouthwash, Albert Pujols, because you're going to Cincinnati for this year's MLB All Star Game festivities. The 1B slugger, who currently leads the AL in home runs(25), and has a slash line of .265/.337/.557 and an OPS of .894 will be joining his best bro Mike Trout as the representatives for the Angels. This marks the 10th time in his career that he's been an all star, and it's his first selection since 2010(which also means it's his first with the Angels!).

Pujols was selected today as a reserve, but since leading vote getter Miguel Cabrera is injued, he'll be starting at first base for the American League come next week. An interesting tidbit about the selection is Pujols' interest in participating in the home run derby. He said he most definitely wanted to do it, but he stipulated that it would only come if he were selected as an all star to begin with. Well, that day is here, so it's pretty much a slam dunk at this point that we'll see The Machine in the long ball contest. Mike Trout was also asked about the home run derby at one point, and it was intimated that Pujols was egging him on to do it with him, should the occasion arise. Again, it looks like that day is here, so we may see two Halos duking it out for dinger-hitting supremacy. Cue the "The HR Derby Messes Up Swings!" articles and concern trolling.

Here are the complete reserves selected today for the AL:

C       Russell Martin (M) Blue Jays

C Stephen Vogt (P) A's

1B *Albert Pujols (P) Angels

1B #Mark Teixeira (M) Yankees

2B Brock Holt (M) Red Sox

2B Jason Kipnis (P) Indians

SS Jose Iglesias (P) Tigers

3B Manny Machado (P) Orioles

OF Jose Bautista (P) Blue Jays

OF Adam Jones (P) Orioles

OF J.D. Martinez (P) Tigers

DH Prince Fielder (P) Rangers

Here are the American League pitchers selected today:

SP Chris Archer (P) Rays

RP Dellin Betances (P) Yankees

RP Brad Boxberger (M) Rays

RP Zach Britton (M) Orioles

RP Wade Davis (P) Royals

SP Sonny Gray (P) A's

SP Felix Hernandez (M) Mariners

RP Kelvin Herrera (M) Royals

SP Dallas Keuchel (P) Astros

RP Darren O'Day (M) Orioles

RP Glen Perkins (P) Twins

SP David Price (P) Tigers

SP Chris Sale (P) White Sox

*(P) means he was a player selection while (M) means he was a manager selection

As you can see, there is a noticeable lack of Hector Santiago and Huston Street. We were really pulling for getting Hector into the ASG, but pitcher is always a tough position to fill in these exhibition games, and I can't fault too many of the guys that they did select. Santiago is definitely killing it on the ERA end of things, but perhaps it was something as silly as a lack of Ws that made other starters more palatable to be selected. Santiago is the Halos fan's All Star, and that means something. Just not as much as being an ACTUAL All Star, probably.