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Angels go out with a whimper in Chicago, White Sox win 8-2

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Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports

Angels 2  White Sox 8

The Angels' schedule said there was a game today, in Chicago and against the White Sox. The TV menu and internet both showed this same information: Angels vs White Sox, 5pm. So there was supposed to be a baseball game, except there really wasn't a baseball game. Any memories you may think you have of having just watched the Angels lose, and lose badly, to the White Sox are false; those memories are just a form of mass hysteria. That's the only way to explain it, because this game didn't exist. So let's move on, shall we?

I mean, if you really want, we can talk about those fuzzy, hazy remembrances of Matt Shoemaker getting absolutely shelled, giving up nine hits and seven earned runs...including three home run balls(two to Avisail Garcia)...and only made it through 5.2 IP. You'd also have vague recollection of Chris Sale dominating the Halos for almost the entirety of the game, save for a seventh when Johnny Giavotella hit a two-run double. By then, though, the game was already out of reach at 2-7, and the White Sox would even go on to add on to that. A lost cause; a bad dream.

Of course, if we were to agree that all of that stuff actually happened, we'd be facing down an 8-2 loss to Chicago and a rotten way to kick off what's going to be a tough stretch of games. The Royals are on the horizon, so take the (supposedly) easier wins when you can, right? That's why I'm happy that there ended up not being a game today, that way the Angels couldn't lose. They DIDN'T lose. Right? I guess if I were to look for something silver lining-ish, I'd note that most of the AL West and Wild Card teams the Angels are fighting for playoff spots with didn't even play games this evening. So...even if there WERE a game, and the Angels lost and didn't get shutdown by Chris Sale while Matt Shoemaker got run over...they wouldn't have really buried themselves too much deeper. It could have been worse.

If it happened.