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Angels lose 3-0 to White Sox, put entire fan base to sleep

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Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports

The Angels faced a dude named Carlos Rodon tonight, and he absolutely smoked their gooses...geese...whatever. What matters is that he shut them out for seven innings pitched, and only gave up four hits in that time, while also striking out 11 Halos in the process. Mike Scioscia's lineup proved over-matched yet again, disgusting fans across Orange County and abroad with their ineptitude. Okay, so they've faced some tough pitching lately. Carlos Rodon ain't Zack Greinke or Clayton Kershaw. They're really stretching our ability to watch this team play.

Hector Santiago wasn't disastrous, but with Rodon making mince meat of the Angels, it wouldn't take a whole lot to go ahead in this game. Melky Cabrera popped things off with a two-run double in the fourth, and then Trayce Thompson hit a solo dinger in the fifth. Santiago sat on that three run for as long as he could, but with the White Sox threatening in the sixth, he was pulled for Cory Rasmus. The bullpen would hold them the rest of the not, but it wouldn't matter.


Oh! Sorry! Dozed off for a second while the Angels just meandered through yet another game on the road, and lost yet again. Pathetic. While I was asleep, I dreamed that they got the bases loaded in the eighth, with one out and Albert Pujols up. He hit into a double play, though, and killed their best chance at scoring all night. What a crummy dream. Anyway, that's about when I woke up from my little nap.

What happened?

Did the Angels lose? What is this world coming to(besides the realization that this team is going nowhere. fast.)?!

What's happening? What's Happening, Now? I'll tell you: people named Trayce are hitting homers, the Angels out-hit their opponent and still lost, they've lost 8 in a row on the road and they're playing really, really stinky. Pardon my French. I'm just upset.