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Angels draw out excruciating,extra inning loss to White Sox because they're evil

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Jon Durr/Getty Images

Angels 2  White Sox 3

Thirteen innings of

  • The Angels went 0-15 with RISP tonight
  • They just got swept by a team that's battling for last place in the AL Central
  • Mike Trout is on some serious suckitude right now
  • Andrew Heaney wasn't bad
  • This game should have ended in the ninth, but the Angels came back to tie it. Everybody but them knew this was pointless
  • The Angels have lost 9 road games...9 ROAD a rows. Seriously.
  • They go to Kansas City next. For four games. Kansas City Royals. It's going to get darker before the dawn
  • Some people still think they can make the playoffs, and "hey, the playoffs are a crapshoot, dude!!

Yeah....Angels, getting to the playoffs let alone doing damage in the playoffs...