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Angels bloody up the Royals' big, bad bullpen in huge comeback win

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Ed Zurga/Getty Images

Angels 7 Royals 6

So the Angels were basically on the brink of losing their tenth in a row. Down 5-1 going into the eighth inning against the Royals' bullpen. The Royals bullpen is pretty, pretty, pretty good. Well, the Angels were about to ruin their evening in epic, good-side-of-the-collapse fashion. They came ALIVE. AT. THE. RIGHT. TIME.

Kole Calhoun was the first to wake up, rise and shine, when he singled to lead off the eighth. Then, Mike Trout was awakened from his eons long slumber, and the groggy beast hit a huge RBI double. David Murphy would add on with an RBI ground out. 5-3 Royals, but off of Wade Davis is no feat.

Then, in the ninth, Greg Holland sauntered to the mound like he was some good pitcher or something, and the Angels proceeded to tear him a new one. The Angels unloaded in the ninth, eventually taking a big lead and putting an end to their putrid, road game losing streak. It started with a single, just like the eighth, except this time it was David DeJesus who came through with the nice knock. Carlos Perez followed up with a walk, and they officially had people wearing out their "Last channel" buttons. C.J. Cron really got the biggest hit of the night, at that point, when he hit a clutch-beyond-clutch 2-run double off of Holland. What a big hit for Cron, smart pinch hit move from Mike Scioscia. But this is more about Cron. They weren't done, as Kole Calhoun once again opened up a can of Red Baron Whoop Ass on the Royals, in the form of a two RBI dagger double. Holland would face one more batter, Mike Trout, walk him and then get yanked.

Victory strikes again!

A 5-1 sad sack loss, the tenth such consecutive loss on the road, demoralization, loss of all integrity and possibly some body functions, the moon turning black as sackcloth, apocalypse at the hands of Mike Scioscia, the MLB road trips lined with plague-leaden Jose Mota automatons leftover from the Gubicza Wars of 2021...all of this was avoided, because the Angels won tonight. They won miraculously, memorably, with determination and aplomb. They had fun. They even got to play fun positions, as in the ninth, Pujols was at 3B, Giavotella at SS, Gillaspie at 2nd and Kole Calhoun was your Halos first baseman(all because of a pinch hit and Aybar's back being sore). FUN! WINS!

Did you remember what this was like? Good. It may be fleeting...this was the KC game we were SUPPOSED to win. And we did. Job #1 done...but hold this feeling near and dear, as it could come in handy sooner than you think. But tonight, we're all gravy.