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No heroics tonight as Jered Weaver and Angels lose to Royals 4-1

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John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

Angels 1 Royals 4

The Angels and their tremendous, unlikely comeback stoked our fires last night, the bare minimum needed for us to get glued to the TV for tonight's Friday Night August 14th Angels Baseball Extravaganza. Alas, it did the trick quite excellently, because I was quite pumped to see what tonight had in store. Jered Weaver then further sucked us into the joy trap laid by our dudes from Anaheim by throwing a pretty nice piece of pitching. He was still dealing with the goopy,molasses-slow 83mph fastball, and using pure guile and off-speed stuff to finish the job. It was working, as he would keep the staunch defenders of the Bandwagon Epicenter Supreme Kauffman Stadium at bay all the way til the sixth, while the Angels did their thing on offense.

Important note: the Angels' "thing" on offense these days is to do little or no things. Okay, they did manage to start off kicking and punching as they did in the eighth and ninth last night. Shane Victorino hit a triple to lead off the game, and then Mike Trout got him home by doubling to right field. 1-0 lead in the first and I was dancing a jig like i'm The Last Boy Scout or something.

So Weaver is cruising on that 1-0 tidal wave of pure offensive juggernaut, and then the profanely muscular start on this Friday Night August 14th began to atrophy, then decay right before our very eyes. In the sixth, Ben Zobrist hit a double, then scored when Weaver had a bad throw to first in an attempt to get Lorenzo Cain. Eric Hosmer came up to bat shortly after, and drilled a two run homer that put the Royals up 3-1. Rough.

The Angels would have other shots, though...they just did nothing with them. Albert Pujols was up with the bases loaded, in the seventh, and put a laughably pathetic, inning-ending grounder punctuation mark on his turd of an evening(he finished going 0-4, 6 LOBsters).

Three runs is insurmountable. No mistakes allowed. Everything hinges on Mike Trout. Is it May again?

Nope, it's FRIDAY NIGHT AUGUST 14TH, and while the Angels couldn't quite pull of a party tonight, that doesn't mean we can't. Go out. Have some fun. See you tomorrow.