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Matt Shoemaker doesn't like pitching in Kansas City, Angels lose to Royals 9-4

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Ed Zurga/Getty Images

Angels 4  Royals 9

Matt Shoemaker got shelled in his one start in Kansas City last year, and the 2015 result wasn't that much different. The Cobbler made it 1.2 IP, gave up 7 hits and 6 ER. Nightmare city for Shoemaker, and he was summarily lifted and the already-aching bullpen was tasked with taking over in another D.O.A. Halos game. Fernando Salas and Jose Alvarez would also let the Royals jump all over them, and by the ninth inning the Angels were in a 9-1 hole.

C.J. Cron managed to get a solo bomb in the last side, and got a couple more runs off of hits and errors, but it was a moot point by then and just statistical padding on an otherwise meaningless night. This team is dull; they are a rusty, Ward Cleaver-approved, Sears brand push lawnmower, well past it's prime and pretending it's a buzzsaw. Teams aren't buying it, and neither am I. The Orioles are now a 1/2 game behind the Angels for a Wild Card spot. The Yankees and Blue Jays are battling for supremacy(and perhaps a wild card spot, themselves), and even Texas is gaining some steam.

Meanwhile, the Angels are on their own fury road, but with no Mad Max or Imperator Furiosa to save them. They are alone out there, twiddling their thumbs, waiting to get back to some home cooking, where a daily ass kicking at least allows them to see their kids after the game. Weak sauce.

One more game in Kansas City. I'll be watching. For what, I don't know.