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Huston Street blown save leads to Angels loss to Royals in extras

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Ed Zurga/Getty Images

Angels 3 Royals 4

One more game, and it would finally be over. "It" being the current road trip and the nightly terrors it has produced. One more game, and the Angels would be on a plane back to Anaheim. One more game in Kansas City, soundtracked by John Kruk and Curt Schilling. Yeah, it wasn't going to be easy, for the players taking on the Royals, or us Halo fans that have to endure the broadcast team. One more game, and they can hit the reset button.

Hector Santiago started off by falling on his face, as he gave up an RBI double to Ben Zobrist and an RBI single from Eric Hosmer, leading to a 0-2 hole after just one inning. It looked like another ugly day was in store, but Santiago settled down after those mistakes and would end up holding them scoreless and throwing 6 innings of no-hit baseball. He locked in. Now, it'd just be up to the offense.

MLB pitcher/Street Fighter villain Yordano Ventura was up against the Angels, and at first he looked every bit the stone cold killer he was in the ALDS last year. His fastballl and curve were keeping the Angels looking the usual Halo ho-hum, but then in the sixth, they got themselves  back in the nationally-televised game. First, thanks to a Ventura wild pitch, Kole Calhoun was able to score. In the same inning, David Murphy hit a towering shot to right field, tying the game up at 2-2.

Both teams would get to their bullpens, but the Angels would have the better luck first. Of course, with the way they a abused the KC bullpen on Thursday, perhaps it wasn't luck at all. In the top of the eighth, Kole Calhoun took a Wade Davis pitch deep over the right field wall and put the Angels up 3-2, while shutting up the powder blue bro brigade in the process. Of all the teams to show some raw fight against, of all the bullpens they could come back on...the Royals? This Angels team confuses me regularly, but when it comes to stuff like that, I am 100% cool with it.

Huston Street had his own ideas about how and when this game would end, and in the ninth, he let the Royals tie up the game on a walk, an IBB, a walk to the deadly Drew Butera, and then a sac fly would knot the score. It could have been a done deal for Kansas City, when Paulo Orlando hit a drive deep into right-center.  Mike Trout turned on the after-burners and got to it just in time, extending his glove in a controlled dive toward the grass. A blown save for Street, and next thing you know, we're subjected to more ESPN. Free baseball, and all that stuff.

Can you return free baseball, because if so, I'd like to. The Angels put in Trevor Gott, and he got into a two on, two out jam, with former Halo Kendrys Morales up to the plate. In perfect Curse of the Ex-Angel fashion, Morales tapped a single, scoring the winning run and walking off the Angels on Sunday Night Baseball.

They could have had a nice split against a very tough team, Instead, they got their heads caved in for all the country to see. The road trip could only end one way, when you think about it, and this was the fitting end to a cruddy, effortless march. An implosion and an embarrassment. trAdition.

Oh yeah, and my dad was at the game(i'm originally from Kansas, he still lives there). Here is DadOfMayhem...maybe it was all HIS FAULT: