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Week 18 Pregame Picks Results!

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Week 18 Leaders: btown100, Atlantangel
Overall Leader: Ant Fan (6 wks)

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Week 18 Results Game 110 Game 111 Game 112 Game 113 Game 114 Game 115 Game 116

Weekly Results

Well, there weren't that many points this week, and if it weren't for the BINGO game this week, might've been worse!
But btown100 and atlantangel both earned 7 points this week! (Both hitting big in the BINGO game!)
4 other players were tied up at 5 points a piece.

Use the links in the table above to see the results!

Overall Results

No change in the Top 5 this week, except for the point gaps!
Ant Fan continues the reign on top at 106 points sitting comfortably on top.
1964 falls to 8 points behind at 98 points, ready to cross the 100 pt barrier!
Lodihalofan falls back a bit from the lead sitting at 94 points.

Here's the top 10. (Overall Results here)

Ant Fan 106
1964 98
Lodihalofan 94
Professor Baseball 93
LanaBanana 85
angelslogic 81
Chone's Chonies 80
btown100 78
max peter 77
Atlantangel 77
brownlunchsack 77