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Has the effort to bring Mike Scioscia back to the Dodgers already begun?

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Just hitting the Twitterverse is news that Ron Roenicke, ex-Angels coach and ex-Brewers manager, has been hired by the Dodgers. Roenicke will be their 3B coach for the remainder of the season, as reported by Scott Miller:

You all fondly remember Ron Roenicke as part of the historic 2002 ANAHEIM Angels team that won the World Series and made a legion of newly minted Halos fanatics in Orange County and abroad. Roenicke, along with Bud Black and Joe Maddon, were part of a vaunted brain trust propping up and guiding honcho Mike Scioscia into the heavenly space of managerial champion; a star chamber so astute in their baseball smarts that they were quickly plucked away for their own big boss gigs in MLB franchises across the country.

Roenicke ended up in Milwaukee, where he momentarily turned around a joke organization and took them to lofty heights not seen in decades(or ever, really). Just like that, though, his time in Milwaukee was over and he was back on the market, and while putting him at lowly 3B coach may seem like a slight dig at the guy, it raises a curious question as to how much of a long con the Dodgers are playing. Did the Dodgers, knowing how bestest of bros Roenicke is with the highly-coveted(in Dodgerland) Mike Scioscia, hire him in an effort to slowly and surely win over Scioscia and have him leave the Angels after this season?

Look, for all of our bellyaching about Scioscia over the past 5 or so years, he's still thought of fondly in Chavez Ravine, and gets a fair amount of cheers when his name is said over their Fischer-Price sound system. He cut his teeth as a backstop in Dodger blue, and they've long been wanting a return of their Prodigal Son, so it would make sense that they make the environment as cozy and familiar as possible.

Hiring some old cronies will do the trick. A pile of money will also help, but making Scioscia know he'll be surrounded by some intuitive and bright "yes" men of days gone by has to make it just a LIL bit more appealing of a job than it was before. I say great, grand, awesome, yes, please and thank you. Go where your heart tells you, Mike Scioscia. Go into the light. You're seeing and hearing familiar faces, they're all waiting there for you. This was always your fate.

Is it too soon to start dreaming of a Scioscia-less Big A?