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Solo shots by Cron and Pujols push Angels over White Sox 2-1

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A solid Andrew Heaney outing was punctuated by solo blasts from both Albert Pujols and C.J. Cron, and the Angels Rodon into the sunset.

Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

Angels 2  White Sox 1

The Chicago White Sox were the first to take the Angels to the woodshed last week, so it’s fitting that the Angels return to the Big A and in the first game of this homestand, they have to face those south side bullies who took their lunch money in a criminally under-performed sweep. It’d be Andrew Heaney vs. Carlos Rodon, a wiley pitcher who kept the Angels on the back foot for most of the time facing him in the previous series. They were playing for dignity, and to get their ship corrected in the increasingly volatile American League waters. It would not be easy, per usual.

Andrew Heaney was fairly locked in early on, keeping the White Sox off the base paths, for the most part. There were a few sketchy areas, but in innings one through five, he was every bit the young spark plug we’ve known him to be. In the sixth, he got into a very tense bases loaded jam, but with two outs, got a huge, inning-ending strikeout and that would be it for him on the evening. He finished with 6 IP, five hits and one run...oh, and that one run came on a cheesy groundout in the third from Melky Cabrera. All in all, tonight was another notch in Heaney’s big league belt.

As for the Angels, their runs would not be cheesy. They would be meaty and manly; burly and bombastic. Carlos Rodon would give up two solo shots in this game, and that would be all that’d be needed to take the series opener. The first was by the struggling Albert Pujols, in the second inning. He took a pitch just over the left-center wall, and had his first home run in 34 years(this is an exaggeration). That one run would keep the Angels tied with the White Sox for most of the game, until the eighth inning when C.J. Cron would get a solo bomb of his own, and put the Angels up for good. It was a no doubt dinger to right field, and it ignited the home crowd and fans at home alike. It’s good to have you back, boys. I like when you play like this.

The Angels won a game they needed to win; a little revenge as well as a little jump start in the W column. They didn’t do it in an extremely convincing fashion, but while I could chalk that up to the brittle Angels bats, I’ll go ahead and give credit to Rodon and celebrate the tough win. I have had plenty of negatives to think about in the past week or so; i’ll let this one slide. Enjoy it...2-1 might as well have been 12-1. I’d still be a happy fan. Now, they just need to this again.