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Carlos Perez solo homer is the only run needed as Angels beat White Sox 1-0

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Jered Weaver pitched 6.1 scoreless innings and a solo shot from Perez would be all that the Halos needed to take their third victory in a row.

Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

Angels 1  White Sox 0

Another night, and another game's outcome solely dependent on home runs. These Chicago White Sox aint exactly world beaters; they aren't even egg beaters, but that doesn't mean they can't prove to be pests to the Angels. The Halos came into tonight's game having won the first two against Chicago, one night bolstered by homers from Cron and Pujols, the other homers by Calhoun and Pujols. Tonight, with Jered Weaver facing off against his dark haired, Bizarro Brunette Weaver aka Jeff Samardzija, the Angels and White Sox would find themselves in yet another low scoring, low intensity, low hanging fruit of a game, now with bonus Kaleb Cowart strikeouts. Fun stuff.

Jered Weaver looked pretty good again, and pitched 6.1 scoreless innings with five Ks. He got into what looked like it could have been a jackpot in the seventh, and was visibly miffed when Mike Scioscia came out to get the ball from him, but the fiery Weaver had the calming salve of crowd applause and ovation to ease his pain. Trevor Gott came in to relieve Weaver for the remainder of the seventh, as well as the eighth, and didn't allow any Sox to cross the dish. That's good, because Weaver was fired up enough that someone blowing is game may not leave the clubhouse alive later tonight. Gott was good, and all was gravy, though. Joe Smith then made things WAY more interesting than need be in the ninth, but a huge double play(and review of call at first place) would seal the deal.

The solitary run tonight came from a homer of the most unlikely of sorts. Well, the second most unlikely of sorts, since the most unlikely would come from Kaleb Cowart. He was too busy going for the Golden Sombrero to hit homers, however. So much for impressing his lady and his family in attendance, but oh well. He's still green. No, the home run came from catcher Carlos Perez, his first since May 30th and only his third of the year, after getting one in his MLB debut(a walk-off, to boot!). He doesn't hit them often, but when he does, they do NOT go wasted.

The Angels clutched that 1-0 lead as if their lives depended on it...and in a way, it did...and managed to squeak out another close game against a bottom feeding team. Great, awesome, grand...a three game winning streak, but we already know the Angels can beat this level of competition(even though they got swept last week). They have a few more opponents like this left on the schedule, and we know how they'll do against those guys. They'll do fine. It's Houston, Toronto and Texas that they need to be good against. It's those teams that they need to be able to take series from in dominant fashion. Does this team, the one that has back and forth battles with the lowly White Sox, inspire confidence that they can beat those talented or surging teams?

There's only one way to find out.