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Angels embarrassed in 15-3 loss to Blue Jays, sink to third in AL West

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Victor Decolongon/Getty Images

Angels 3 Blue Jays 15

On a night when the mood was high from a pre-game Hall of Fame induction ceremony, it could have easily been percieved to be a game that was in the Halos' favor. Well, it wasn't. Whatever the polar opposite of that good vibe victory is, that's what we were all subjected to.

Andrew Heaney got smoked, and this game was over by the fourth, when the score was 10-0. Cam Bedrosian was sent in as a mop, and just soaked in a few more runs. Fernando Salas put the cap on a crap pitching night by adding some more gas to the burning dumpster fire. Josh Donaldson continued to show us that the AL MVP does not play for a southern California team. 15 runs...unreal. This is the weekend of spankings that we all knew was coming, but I didn't think they'd use a paddle covered in broken glass and rusty nails.

15-3, on a Saturday night when we honored our trAdition. Guess it's all fitting, in a self-deprecating way. The one bright spot on this brutal affair was Kaleb Cowart. The rookie 3B got his first MLB hit, and it was a home run to right field! Couldn't help but feel great for the guy. I also couldn't help but feel disgusted at just about everything else that went on in this game.

The Angels are now out of a second wild spot. And they're also now in THIRD place in the AL West. Dog days of summer just shifted into the nightmarish, doom-and-gloom days of Summer. One more game against Toronto on deck...can they just end the series now, out of mercy?