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OMG, so cute: Angels actually try to beat Blue Jays, fail adorably

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Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

Angels 5 Blue Jays 12

Did you see that first inning? OMG, that was SO cute. The Angels scored five runs to kick off the game, and were all "Hey, we're totally a contending baseball team like you guys!" in their little voices, with their cute little bats, and the Blue Jays were all, "Ha...ok, kid, whatever." Mike Trout had an RBI triple! There were a couple sac flies, a C.J. Cron single, and Kaleb Cowart did a thing, too! He had an RBI double, it was so funny, the Angels were all "Yay, we're doing it guys." They had a 5-1 lead after just one inning. Eventually, the kids had to be shuffled off the field by the big boy Blue Jays.

Honestly, it was cool of them to even let the Halos mess around on the base paths for that long. The home crowd got a good taste of what baseball looks like, and enough excitement to go around for all in attendance. Seriously, classy move by Toronto. Eventually, when they got to walloping Garrett Richards, it wasn't even that bad, too be honest. They sorta used just a bunch of hitting, know, nothing TOO degrading. They weren't too over-the-top or unnecessarily great in this sweep-clenching loss. We should write them a thank you note or something. Although, they did end up dropping back-to-back homers at one point, from Jose Bautista and Edwin Encarnacion...that was a tad excessive, but hey, what are you going to do? Other than that, they were the perfect conquerors.

Well, this series was fun but I have to admit, I'm glad that it's over. I give the Angels props for actually trying to go for a win in the beginning of this afternoon's contest, lol. That was memorable. They really gave it a shot...these guys have some fight in them, and that's pretty darn neat, if you ask me. One day, though, they'll have the skill and the strength to keep up with a team like the Blue Jays. One day. Meanwhile, those pesky Rangers keep doing things, and Houston took down the Dodgers.

Remember playoff hopes? Hahaha. So. Cute.