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Week 19 Pregame Picks Results

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Weekly Leader: tanana40
Overall Leader: Ant Fan (7 wks)

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

UPDATE: There was an issue in Game 117 where the cutoff was taken too early. Those marked as LATE were actually on time and all results have been updated to reflect the proper scores.

Game 117
Game 118 Game 119 Game 120 Game 121 Game 122 Game 123

Weekly Results:
tanana40 shines brightly this week with back to back 4 pointers to easily grab the top spot with a total of 12.
Ant Fan takes the silver spot this week with 8 pts, further solidifying his reign atop the HH race!
3rd goes to k3yerout with 7 points this week.

Overall Results here. (UPDATE)
Ant Fan stays on top and extends his lead back to 10.
1964 is the 2nd to cross the 100 pt barrier and has the silver medal at this point.
Lodihalofan is in 3rd, 7 points behind the silver spot, and 17 points behind the top spot!
4th goes to Professor Baseball and 5th is tied w/ LanaBanana and tanana40!

Top 10:

Ant Fan 114
1964 104
Lodihalofan 97
Professor Baseball 93
LanaBanana 86
tanana40 86
angelslogic 84
Chone's Chonies 83
Atlantangel 81
Htennis 80
max peter 80