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Johnny Giavotella hits the DL with "personal medical condition"

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Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

I remember back in the days when Johnny Giavotella would just miss a game from "flu like symptoms". Well, the spark plug 2B has now hit the DL due to "personal medical condition", which, in terms of cryptic sports language, is just about as confusing and unsatisfying as "flu like symptoms". The team called up RHP Drew Rucinski to take the empty roster spot. Sounds like some more Grant Green is in our future. Here's today's lineup against the Tigers: Personal medical condition. Weird, especially considering it comes on the heels of "flu like symptoms"(which I usually equate to "hungover", but that's neither here nor there). Hope nothing but the best for Johnny, meanwhile we'll just wait for more clarity on this situation.