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World Series watch 2015: Angels look dominant, inspirational in 8-7 win over Tigers

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Duane Burleson/Getty Images

Angels 8 Tigers 7

Did you see that game?! I'm still trying to catch my breath. The Angels stormed into Detroit tonight, hot on the heels of (series info missing, does not exist) last weekend, and boy did they deliver the highest caliber of baseball possible in Major League Baseball. Right from the get-go, the Halos were in a high gear, one that no mere AL opponent could withstand; not even for one second, let alone a series. The road to the World Series started tonight, and proved why the Angels are literally THE current favorite to win the whole thing*. This team is SPECIAL.

In the first inning alone, the Angels were taking ABs like they were shot out of a cannon; Kole Calhoun and Mike Trout get on, and then Albert Pujols drives a ball so far out of the stadium, that it landed on Zack Snyder's lap as he was filming the final shot of Batman v Superman.** The Angels got runs from so many other places, though; they literally scored so many different ways that I can't count them***

They scored three times on wild pitches...pitches be crazy.

They scored on hits...Like Erick Aybar doubles and C.J. Cron knocks. David DeJesus got in on the action, man, are you kidding me?! They scored a total of 8 pristine, pure runs and with that ocho on the board, it would normally be game over, man, game over. But not today, as pitcher and all time great pitcher Jered Weaver had a little trouble in the third inning today. Weaver had been cruising before that, but then the barn doors got blown off by some sloppy miscommunication by Mike Trout and Kole Calhoun, and some timely hits for the Tigers.

The Tigers put some runs on the board, but all that matters is that the Angels put MORE runs on the board, because of course they did. They're contenders. They are unstoppable dynamos, perpetual ball bashing machines and pitchers oozing that baseball space cadet glow. The Chosen One's of the baseball diamond, only we're the only ones that know it yet.

They've won 1 in a row. That's how The Road to the Series starts. This victory. Eight runs versus seven and we're off to the race for the prize.

*according to Ace Mayhemstein, legendary Vegas sharp

**This didn't actually happen...well, the BvS part. Albert Pujols really did hit a three run homer

***Obviously this is a lie