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Angels avoid total embarrassment to Tigers, end up only partially embarrassed

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Justin Verlander came three outs away from getting a no hitter, but it was ultimately broken up by a Chris Iannetta double in the 9th. Because of course he that's what happened. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Angels 0 Tigers 5

Oh, of course Justin Verlander mows down the Angels like they were Star Trek red shirts for eight straight innings, and then in the ninth, he blows a no-hitter by giving up a chalk-flingin' double to CHRIS IANNETTA. So, so, so close..

Hilarious. Although, perhaps the Angels deserved to have the full on embarrassment of getting owned by a former Halo bile spitter like Verlander, what with the futility they showed in their ABs. Okay, so give the Tigers' starter some credit: Verlander was hitting the mid 90s with his fastball early in the game, and by the end he was only throwing the ball faster, harder. Some nights...what can you do?

Hector Santiago didn't do the Angels many favors in keeping the game close, of course. He made it 4.1 innings, and allowed five runs. The Long Ball Genie visited Hector Santiago three times in his short outing, and the regression dance continues. Again, this game was ugly on both sides, but thank you Iannetta for taking away their GREAT joy(no hitter), and supplanting it with a relatively minor joy(CG shutout).

In the end, Verlander protected that no-no about as well as he protected his nudes on his iPhone. Just forget that this game happened. Seriously, s'all good. They'll win tomorrow, and then sweep Cleveland, and the World Series ship will be righted.