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Thor'sLinks: Halos take extra rest day this week.

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When day breaks, my friends and I will seek out the lady Death to undo whatever we must to make things right. For that, I will need an army.

What?? A meatball over the plate is now a STRIKE? But I only got to swing at one pitch!!!
What?? A meatball over the plate is now a STRIKE? But I only got to swing at one pitch!!!
Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Humiliation just moments away, we got a surprise Iannetta double last night to avoid a no-hitter by Justin Verlander, which would only serve to punctuate how feeble our offense can be. This particular Verlander, interestingly, was predicted earlier yesterday before the game by Jeff Sullivan over at Fangraphs.

And, yeah, until we have a roster capable to snapping out of the general 2015 funk, this kind of outcome is always a possibility - more so against any top opposing pitcher and those pop up often, so might suffer one of those yet. Don't act surprised. But the next time this team faces Verlander, Calhoun should lead off the game with a bunt.

But feel hopeful. Even the ugliest of streaks and phases eventually run out of gas. Witness Bugs Bunny:

Ok, time to be honest. Today is a morning start and you aren't going to hang around too long to read a lot of stuff here. Our linkage is awesome sauce, but it's baseball we live for. So here, in the few remaining minutes between when you have woken up and the 10:08 AM PDT start, dig into some quick links:


Angels Baseball

Mike Trout: Whew. Trout has found the problem. And he has fixed it. He used the fix last night and he feel fabulous about the results. "Last few weeks, my front side is flying open, my swing’s been getting a little long, trying to do a little too much.  I felt really good tonight at the plate, seeing the ball good." Oh, sure, we say he went 0 for 3 but what do we know? It's very obvious Mike was seeing the ball good last night. He was thrown a grand total of 13 baseballs all game and he got a good look at 10 of them. I'm not quite convinced, however, that those 3 swings proved to young Master Trout he has corrected his actual swing............

Pecota Power: A long time ago, in a baseball galaxy now far, far away...Mike Scioscia was a savant. A Genius. Able to defy PECOTA projections year after year due to some mystical power that could not be divined by The Masters of Sliderule. Then the clouds began to part just enough that a theory began to emerge. In mere coincidence, right when the Division titles came to an end it was measured that Sosh was willing to let blowouts be blowouts, skewing run differential and farting with PECOTA formulas just enough to make folks believe in Wizardry.  Somewhere entangled with that history is the observation that Scioscia has never, in all his years, been forced to call on a position player to take the mound. It's got to be something along the lines of not caring about anything other than pitch counts in blowouts. With the crappy starts from the rotation lately, we are nearing the day............

Matt Shoemaker: Here we go! After a rather miniscule few days and one start at the AAA level, Shoemaker must be healed, because he takes the mound in Detroit this morning to work for the rubber match with Detroit. "Manager Mike Scioscia said that Shoemaker not only got good results in Saturday’s start at Salt Lake City – six innings, no earned runs – but he showed improvement with his stuff.".............

Devo: Did you know that Devon White once failed to take centerfield in time for the start of a game against the Mariners? Yep..............


Elsewhere in Baseball

Math is Hard: Back on Monday night, we had one of those very rare Five ball walks, given to Cesar Hernandez of the Phillies in an at-bat against Jacob deGrom. This is literally how the bottom of the first inning began. You can see for yourself Hernandez actually saw 8 total pitches, including one called strike and two foul balls (one of which, wasn't). And, yeah, in the official MLB box score it is recorded as a "Five-ball walk". So, yeah, math is hard. It's a tough thing to count up to four. Some guys need a lot of runway there. But now that you have watched the video, and now that you have confirmed what your own eyeballs saw on the video by aligning that with the box score, take a look at how BrooksBaseball,net records that at-bat via Pitch/FX. They only record six pitches! Here is how Pitch/FX lines up with reality:

Pitch Real World Pitch/FX
1 Called Strike Called Strike
2 Ball Ball
3 Foul In play, Outs
4 Ball Ball
5 Foul (Oops! Looks like we missed this one!)
6 Ball Ball
7 Ball Ball
8 Ball (Unpossible. Never happened. No actual pitch was thrown!)
Good job, there, Mr. Robot.

LLWS: Ok, we are set. California has a rematch with Texas in the losers bracket today at 5PM PDT.  The winner will face Pennsylvania in the U.S. Title game Saturday afternoon. Over on the International side, Mexico and Venezuela face off with the winner going up against Japan Saturday morning.  The World Series Championship Game is Sunday...........

Pete Rose: Commissioner Rob Manfred has announced that he is going to render a decision concerning Pete Rose's status with respect to official Major League Baseball before the year is out. "We are in the process of finalizing our review of the files," Manfred said. "We had a conversation today about scheduling at meeting with Mr. Rose. After that meeting I will give Mr. Rose a decision that will happen before the end of this year." That would be the calendar year, not the baseball season. Considering his most recent bad news, we should expect that the answer will be "no". Final Answer...............

OMNI: Home run trots, an injury risk?...........It's a good year for the youngsters around both leagues. But we have seen better crops..............One dude loses $15 in food. Another guy loses $10 in beer and $3.50 to dry clean his sweater. All over an $8 baseball. No beer wasting is worth that.................If foul balls don't come easy, let 'em go..................And, yeah, they do come easy...............So if you want a foul ball, all you have to do is wait..............And while you wait, you may as well enjoy some ice cream like a pro..............Starling Marte sees your lame-assed attempt for 3rd base, and he has you covered. Don't bother him................Justin Verlander has nothing on Will Ferrell.............


And now, being the full service weekend linkage institution that we are, here is the obligatory moment we take out of each Friday Thursday...for beer...(which works better on Thursdays anyway, because it gives you all some runway to take advantage of Friday goings on...)

Friday: All weekend long at the Hilton Hawaiian Village, The 2015 Great Waikiki Beer Festival runs and eyespy is buying...........

Saturday: SoCal BrewFest After Hours at Farmer's Park at the Anaheim Packing District (good luck finding parking)..........Bodega Seafood, Art & Wine Festival runs today and tomorrow in Bodega. (Don't be fooled by the event name. Lots of breweries will be present!)..........Blues, Brews & BBQs is at Yuba Sutter Fairgrounds in Yuba City............Motley Brews Brew and Food Festival at Waterfront Park in San Diego...........The 2015 Great Waikiki Beer Festival continues...........

Sunday: SF Mess Hall Project, Beer Festival, at The Great American Music Hall in San Francisco..........Bodega Seafood, Art & Wine Festival concludes..............The 2015 Great Waikiki Beer Festival concludes...........

BEER BONUS #1: We continue to track the Ales for ALS 2015 project brought to us by red floyd. This week nothing is scheduled..........

Stay safe, everyone!


(All grammatical errors still remaining should be intentional.)