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Week 16 Pregame Picks Results!

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Weekly Leader: htennis
Overall Leader: Ant Fan (4 wks)

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Week 16 Game 98 ( off ) Game 99 Game 100 Game 101 Game 102 Game 103

htennis was able to grab a cool 11 points this week, fueled by two 4 point grabs on the high scoring games
brownlunchsack was able to score big on all games participated, giving 10 points for the week!
tanana40 did similar with 9 points.

The gap between 1st and 2nd has decreased by 1!
The gold position is still Ant Fan's, who is just about ready to break the 100 pt barrier at 93 pts.
The battle for silver just got an extra member as lodihalofan, 1964, Professor Baseball are all tied up at 86 pts.
5th goes to LanaBanana who is eyeing that podium at 77 pts

Here'sthe full results. The top10 looks like this:

Ant Fan 93
lodihalofan 86
1964 86
Professor Baseball 86
LanaBanana 77
angelslogic 76
Chone's Chonies 74
htennis 69
tanana40 69
max peter 68