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Odds are against Angels, odds are in favor of Mike Trout

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Bovada has updated MLB odds, for everything from World Series winner to MVP award. The Angels haven't fallen TOO out of favor with the sharps in Vegas, but the trade deadline has a few other clubs climbing up the favorites pool.

Odds to win the 2015 World Series

Odds on 7/17            Current Odds

Kansas City Royals

6/1                                9/2

Los Angeles Dodgers

17/2                              7/1

St. Louis Cardinals

8/1                                8/1

New York Yankees

16/1                              10/1

Toronto Blue Jays

25/1                              10/1

Washington Nationals

8/1                                10/1

Houston Astros

16/1                              12/1

San Francisco Giants

14/1                            12/1

Los Angeles Angels

14/1                              14/1

New York Mets

33/1                              14/1

Chicago Cubs

14/1                              16/1

Pittsburgh Pirates

10/1                              16/1

Minnesota Twins

25/1                              33/1

Baltimore Orioles

25/1                              40/1

Detroit Tigers

25/1                              40/1

San Diego Padres

50/1                              50/1

Tampa Bay Rays

33/1                              50/1

Boston Red Sox

25/1                              66/1

Chicago White Sox

50/1                              66/1

Cleveland Indians

40/1                              66/1

Texas Rangers

33/1                              66/1

Arizona Diamondbacks

100/1                            100/1

Seattle Mariners

50/1                              100/1

Atlanta Braves

75/1                              200/1

Oakland Athletics

50/1                              200/1

Cincinnati Reds

150/1                            300/1

Colorado Rockies

300/1                            500/1

Miami Marlins

150/1                           500/1

Milwaukee Brewers

500/1                            500/1

Philadelphia Phillies

1000/1                          1000/1

Odds to win the AL pennant

Kansas City Royals                      2/1

New York Yankees                    11/2

Toronto Blue Jays                       11/2

Houston Astros                           13/2

Los Angeles Angels                  7/1

Minnesota Twins                       16/1

Baltimore Orioles                      18/1

Detroit Tigers                              20/1

Tampa Bay Rays                          25/1

Boston Red Sox                          33/1

Chicago White Sox                    33/1

Cleveland Indians                      33/1

Texas Rangers                              33/1

Oakland Athletics                      75/1

Seattle Mariners                       40/1

Basically, all the teams you'd expect at the top are at the top, above the recently-struggling Angels. The AL West odds are also as to be expected, going off of how the Angels are playing in comparison to Houston.

Odds to win the AL West

Houston Astros                          4/9

Los Angeles Angels                  3/2

Texas Rangers                            20/1

Seattle Mariners                       66/1

Oakland Athletics                     100/1

The team's chances, according to Bovada, aren't bad, but aren't amazing, either. Of course, what do they know?! This team has beaten the odds before and...they'll...well, I don't know. I'm just trying to sell myself on the Halos chances right now. It's hard.

You know who has damn good odds to do lots of cool stuff? Mike Trout. Duh. You don't have to be a Vegas sharp to see these coming.

Odds to win AL MVP

Mike Trout                     1/2

Any Other Player          3/2

LOL....Mike Trout vs. the field.

Odds to lead MLB in home runs

Mike Trout                      3/2

Albert Pujols 3/1

Bryce Harper 5/1

Nelson Cruz 6/1

Mark Teixeira 7/1

J.D. Martinez 10/1

Todd Frazier 12/1

Chris Davis 16/1

Josh Donaldson 16/1

Nolan Arenado 25/1

Alex Rodriguez 33/1

Jose Bautista 50/1

Again, they like Mike Trout. But then again, everybody does. Albert Pujols gets some love with a 3/1 shot at taking the MLB homer crown, but I think that's a little overboard.