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Angels may have a new GM before the season ends

Jeff Gross/Getty Images

Jeff Fletcher of OC Register had an interesting article tonight regarding the Angels' vacant general manager gig, the same gig that was left vacant when Jerry Dipoto resigned on July 1. Bill Stoneman was appointed "interim" GM and from the sound of Fletcher's source, they want to get someone in that red polo ASAP.

The Angels have already conducted multiple interviews for their general manager opening, including internal and external candidates, and are planning on hiring someone shortly after the end of the season, if not before, according to a source.

It’s unclear who the Angels have interviewed, but it’s likely that assistant general managers Matt Klentak and Scott Servais are both on the short list.

Nothing too shocking there, at least candidate-wise. Scott Servais came to the Angels from Texas, where he was the in charge of player development. Matt Klentak was a young, up and coming director of baseball operations for the Orioles before coming on as Jerry Dipoto's assistant. Both were appointed those spots in 2011, after Dipoto got the GM job, and while they're "his" guys, they've managed to stick nicely with the team and must be doing something right. The main friction that led to the open job in the first place had more to do with Dipoto and Mike Scioscia, not so much owner Arte Moreno and Dipoto(as Moreno reportedly tried to get him to stay).

So now we have word that the Angels are looking at both guys, as well as outside options. Many have hoped that this would be Klentak's job to lose, and if you're in that camp, then the fact that they've already interviewed him is a great sign.

While the names we see here in this little nugget of gossip aren't all that revealing, the fact that they've fast tracked it and made it of utmost importance to fill the empty Dipoto polo shirt IS somewhat surprising. It leads me to believe they've found their guy, and he already works in the office. Can the mystery candidate work with the ownership and manager, while also utilizing and continuing much of the work that was begun in the Jerry Dipoto era? Do mystery GM like wearing Moreno-mandated red polo shirts? Then said candidate probably already works in the building...and said candidate may be getting a promotion soon. Either way, Future Angels GM...good luck!