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Angels take down Indians 4-3 with ninth inning heroics and walk-off wild pitch

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Harry How/Getty Images
Angels 4  Indians 3

This was an absolute lost ballgame up until the ninth inning. Before that point, the Angels couldn't hit the side of a barn, outside of a Kole Calhoun homer. The headline "Angels lose a series against lowly Indians" was typed up, and a sizzling screed against the Halos and their skidmark style of play as of late was about to be eviscerated and dissected, laid bare for all the Angels fans to read and nod approvingly to.

The Angels were just not hitting...again...and the Indians were knocking homers off of our beloved-yet-regressing Hector Santiago. A 3-1 lead heading into the final side was pretty much a death sentence with this current level of output in Anaheim, but miracles do happen. I know, because I just saw one.

Down two runs, facing Indians closer Cody Lee, they needed a rally and if anybody could start it, it'd be Mike Trout. Except he struck out to lead things off. Okay, whatever. Then Albert Pujols knocked a single and got on base...hmmm, interesting. David Murphy popped up, two outs now, and Erick Aybar up to the plate. A wild pitch(harbinger of things to come) would allow Pujols to go to second. Erick Aybar would then walk, and Conor Gillaspie got on base due to a walk. The Rally Monkey's ears began to perk up.

With two outs, Gillaspie would be replaced on the base paths with Taylor Featherston, and immediately after, C.J. Cron would come to the plate and hit a super-clutch single, scoring two runs and miraculously tying the game. With Featherston on third, and one out away from another extra innings slog, Cody Allen gifted the Angels a victory by throwing a wild pitch, which a heads up Featherston took full advantage of when he raced home and scored at the plate.


A huge, ninth inning hit by Cron and gutsy running from Featherston would be the savior for the Halos today, keeping them from losing a series to the lowly Indians, and also kept them above water in a quickly-closing wild card race in the AL.

There are still problems with this team, especially when they need mistakes and heroics to take down a sub-par team, but a series win is a series win. I will take it, smile, and shut up. For now.

Now here is a video that is full of dancing clips that I'd want to post in the comments: