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Week 21 - 22 Pregame Picks Results Finally Here!

Week 21 Winner: brownlunchsack
Week 22 Winner: sherikay, Lodihalofan
Overall Leader (across wk 21, 22): Ant Fan

Last two weeks results can be found wrapped up nicely on this page!

Week 21 results are here.
Despite missing 2 games, and only scoring twice, brownlunchsack got the top spot 2 weeks ago, greatly assisted by that perfect bingo board.

Week 22 results are here.
A bit light on points, until I realized for some reason I put up 3 RHPs... This is what happens when you lose focus friends. In any case, congratulations for sherikay and lodihalofan for topping the week despite the harder scoring-filled games!

Overall results are here (Up to date to Sat. Check initial link for results up to 21)
Ant Fan seems to have a tight grasp on the gold spot with 20ish games to go!
1964 and Lodihalofan are tied up for silver, 15 points behind Ant Fan.
LanaBanana is looking in longingly to the podium, 9 points behind joining the party.
Professor Baseball is just 2 points behind LanaBanana to wrap up the top 5.

Top 10:

Ant Fan 129
1964 114
Lodihalofan 114
LanaBanana 105
Professor Baseball 103
angelslogic 98
Chone's Chonies 97
tanana40 95
Atlantangel 94
htennis 93