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Angels remain banished to barren, desolate, baseball wasteland, lose to Mariners 10-1

Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

Angels 1 Mariners 10

The day after the end of the world, Halos still smoldering like orphaned suns from the epic burn the Astros rained down up them. That ninth inning that leveled our playoff hopes, and then we tried to sleep it off, but just like the Angels players, as soon as we wiped the crust out of our eyes this morning, we realize they still have games left to play. The season is not over, at least not in the way that we think it is, as the poet Anton Chigurh might say.

The whole ordeal now had a fading glow to it, a fire going out. Smoldering, and now doing it in Seattle. If you can call it baseball, you may say that they lost by half a dozen runs, or so. Freakin’ 10 to friggin’ 1,  to be exact, but nobody is keeping score or watching these games or existing on the same plane as these neutered-stiff Angels. Garrett Richards took his numbers on the season, and in front of a stadium of fans, dragged them out to the parking lot and set them all on fire. Richards gave up four runs. But the bullpen got in on the immolation, and Cory Rasmus was King Fireball of Burning Down The House Land.

It was all shot to hell from the get go, from yesterday; the gut punch, still stinging and we can feel we’re bleeding somewhere on the inside. It’s not good. When will the pain end?

Texas spent their night beating Houston, and Minnesota also got a W, so while the pieces move around a bit, they all still are slanging some serious wood, while the Angels are meek and have quiet, timid ABs. Even if they were still fighting and swinging, it would be all for the right to get kicked in the nuggets. When will the pain end?