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Jered Weaver sends Kyle Seager to hospital where he's being treated for severe burn

Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

Angels down 3-0, from a mistake pitch from Jered Weaver to Jesus Montero. Weaver not happy. Kyle Seager comes to the plate, and then the sparks flew like spitfire coming off of a branding iron. By now, we've all seen what happend: the mouthed "**** you" from Seager, along with crotch grab/adjustment and subsequent pandering to the ump, Weaver looking full of rage(natch) and beaning the North Carolina native who for some reason gesticulates like he's watched Mean Streets a hundred too many times. It was instant comeuppance and a move of exasperation from one of the most consistently fired up players in all of MLB.

Then, after the game...the Seager shade machine tried to ramp this beef up to 11:

Strong words from the Vladimir-Putin-minus-the-manliness lookin' Seager, especially the part about quitting on his team. It was a classic troll move, almost so unbelievably tone deaf and wrong headed that only a rube would take that bait. Jered Weaver will not give up on this team, not even when his fastball tops out at a stout 67 MPH one of these days. So it was with no surprise that Jered Weaver would shrug off Seager's bait, and lob an epic burn back instead, raining hot, delicious burnage all over Seager's huckster politician grin. Yes, someone needs to call the burn unit, because this looks to be severe and third degree...shoot, what's worse than 3rd degree? Because Weaver went there.