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Angels lose 8-1, come up short in quest for series sweep in Minnesota

David Sherman/Getty Images

Angels 0  Twins 8

The Angels had a momentous Saturday, and a fruitless Sunday. Matt Shoemaker emerged from the dugout at the opening of this game as a man hellbent on getting the four game series sweep. He would fail in this endeavor. Torii Hunter set the tone of brutality with a home run in the second.

It didn't get better from there. Eddie Rosario hit a two-run shot off of The Cobbler in the third, making it 3-0 Twins and they were about to put The Bearded One in their rear-view mirror for good. The fourth inning was the scene of the crime; the weapons used an Aaron Hicks RBI single, and the 4-0 score meant that Matt Shoemaker's Sunday start would be the victim. Shoemaker was pulled after just 3.2 innings and the Angels all but knew the sweep was not in the stars.

In the fifth, the Angels added on to the Minnesota last stand with a couple runs off of relievers Cam Bedrosian and Cory Rasmus. Joe Mauer had the final nail into this rickety, wooden coffin of a game as he smacked a two run homer off of Wesley Wright in the eighth.

The Angels did have a bright spot: Catcher Jett Bandy got an AB in the ninth, and he hit a bomb to left field. It was also his first career MLB hit. WHOA. *clears throat* THE BANDYMAN CAN!!!!!!!!

Anyway, an 8-1 sad trombone and Mike Scioscia will nod and think "Eh, so i'll take a bath on this one today." The 2-7 w/RISP and nine LOBsters were the writing on the wall, but they did take 3 of 4. Small victory? Yes. But a victory. Texas also lost, so that's good. Houston won, so that's not good.

The silver lining: they Angels will head to Houston next, so they can get that game back, and then some, if they really want.