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Week 23 Pregame Picks Results

Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

Find all related spreadsheets to this week here.

This Week:

HTennis reigns supreme this week with an impressive showing in the BINGO game. 2nd and 3rd goes to tanana40 and Chone's Chonies who were unable to to take advantage of their blackout bingo boards.

Overall Results:

Top 5 remains unchanged, except for the points shuffling a bit.

Ant Fan maintains the 15 point lead over the top spot. 
1964 squeaks past Lodihalofan for sole posession of 2nd by 3 points.
LanaBanana is now just 5 points away from stealing 3rd place.
Professor Baseball hanging on the top 5, down by another 5 points.

Ant Fan 134
1964 119
Lodihalofan 116
LanaBanana 111
Professor Baseball 106
Chone's Chonies 105
tanana40 104
Htennis 103
angelslogic 101
Atlantangel 95
max peter 95