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Happiness is watching Angel Hernandez gently caress Mike Scioscia's belly

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Sometimes life is rough. You have a bad day at work, or school, or maybe the kids are driving you up a wall, or maybe you have none of those headaches in your life, which can be a cause of sadness unto itself. We live in a crazy, fast paced world, and sometimes we seek out things to escape the everyday calamities that pop up one after another. If you're reading this site, then there's a good chance your preferred method of escaping the gripping madness of the city is baseball. Specifically, Angels baseball.

Well, good luck on that getting you anywhere but a quick trip to ulcer town. The Angels are an up-and-down mixed bag of decaying tricks, and every step forward they take to giving us escapism is October, they take two steps back. It's infuriating, saddening, disheartening, etc. It's the pits, basically.

Let umpire Angel Hernandez change ALL of that for you.

We are all Mike Scioscia, out on the fields of life, arguing about God knows what and getting the blood pressure spiking to unhealthy degrees. But then Angel Hernandez comes along, and caresses your belly and says "Hey, it's ok. It's just a game." Life is hard, but it gets exponentially easier to deal with when you have a spirit animal like Hernandez, stroking your gut with the love and care of a nurse or a mother or both.

Angel Hernandez is the most important Angel today.