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Week 24 Pregame Picks Results

Week 24 Leader: steelgolf Overall Leader: Ant Fan (12 weeks)

Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

Please find all related files to this week here.

This Week

steelgolf takes the #1 spot this week, certainly helped by 2 perfect scores this week, grabbing 13 points!
Ant Fan just misses out for #1 by a point, with 2 perfect score games as well.
max peter wraps up the top 3 with 11 points on the week.


Ant Fan has solidified the lead to the 2015 PGP title with a 20 point lead.
1964 continues to hold the 2nd spot, increasing the lead over Lodihalofan by 1 point.
4th goes to LanaBanana who is now only 1 point behind!
5th has Chone's Chonies and Professor Baseball tied at 110 points a piece

Ant Fan 146
1964 126
lodihalofan 122
LanaBanana 121
Chone's Chonies 110
Professor Baseball 110
Htennis 109
tanana40 108
max peter 106
angelslogic 106

1 Week left of the regular season!