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Jerry Dipoto going to the Mariners

Dipoto is likely to stay in the AL West, and Arte will have to compete with the very guy he ditched in favor of his dugout manager.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

UPDATE: It's done. Official introduction tomorrow morning.

UPDATE: To ease any anxiety, Alden is offering up the LAA show of force. "Hey, look at all the guys WE are talking to over here!"  oops. Alden forgot the in-house guys: "Oh, and look over here, there's MORE!"

"I think they have their guy."

Jonah Keri is jumping on this news, offering up for the Seattle fans his take on Dipoto when Dipoto resigned his post in Anaheim.

I imagine that a guy with Dipoto's skills will be a serious problem for us going forward, considering the resources with which he now has to work versus what our cupboard looks like.