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Wait, so Chris Iannetta and Vernon Wells own a winery together?

Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

The Angels are in a divisional/Wild Card playoff race. The Angels have yet another GM candidate. The Angels' old GM has a new job. These are things that I feel should be occupying my brain right now, at least in terms of Halos coverage. Yet, I can't stop thinking about JACK Winery?

I happened to be checking out Twitter earlier, specifically Vernon Wells' response to the Harper/Papelbon dust up yesterday, and I saw a mention to his winery. "Ha!", I thought. "Does Vernon Wells have his own wine?". So I did a quick Google search, and sure enough he has a winery that he started in 2012, with Angels catcher Chris Iannetta WAIT WHAT?!?!

Did I miss something in 2012? How did I not know that Iannetta and Wells started a winery together? Again, there are at least three more interesting and important Angels topics to discuss or think about this afternoon...yet I can only focus on one: JACK Winery.

From the JACK Winery site:

Few things go with great conversation like a good bottle of wine. Fittingly, it was a wine-fueled conversation during a dinner in 2012 that led Chris and Vernon to float the idea of creating their very own label. Major League teammates and fathers of two, they shared not only a passion for wine but for family as well. So when it came time to name their new baby, they looked to their kids for inspiration. Taking the initials of Jayce, Ashlyn, Christian and Kylie, JACK Winery was born (so to speak). For Chris and Vernon, the thrill of creating something from the ground up and being able to share it with friends, family and wine lovers near and far is the satisfying result of a fruitful collaboration.

"Focus, Mayhem. Your team is in the playoff hunt." I don't care, because I just realized Chris Iannetta and Vernon Wells started a freakin' winery, and nothing else matters any more.

If you think your life is missing some tangentially-Angels-related booze, then you're in luck, because for just $400 annually, you can get yourself a few bottles of JACK Wine.

JACK Wine almost sounds like something I'd read online, then be repulsed at once I looked up it's meaning on Urban Dictionary. But don't let that stir you away from trying this stuff. We need someone to check out JACK Winery, ASAP.


Vernon Wells confirms, although does so by retweeting a link that takes you to a site that then links you back to Halos Heaven. C'mon, Vern.