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I Cherish The Win, Angels Beat The A's Tonight, Now In Haiku Form

O, marine layer, why must you dampen the air? Ball dies on the track.

Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

1st Inning

Reddick beans the wall.
Aybar leads off, why? Although,
two-out hits, two runs.

2nd Inning

A's swing at air, ha.
The Angels pound dirt, oh man.
Score remains the same.

3rd Inning

Freese flashes leather,
Tropeano keeps dealing,
Score won't budge at all.

4th Inning

Trop notches eight Ks,
Pujols runs one out, really?
Halo Blitz! Six-oh!

5th Inning

Trop-a-dope, nine Ks!
Oakland gets one on the board;
David gets it back.

6th Inning

Nick goes 1-2-3,
notches eleven punchies.
(M's tie it up, yes!)

7th Inning

Nitro goes back out.
Butler gets on base, so what?
Take a bow, Nitro.

8th Inning

Nice debut, Latos.
Aybar keeps on hitting, man.
Eight-one, Halos lead.

9th Inning

Latos finishes.
Bring on the BODYARMOR.
Seven in a row.

Postgame Thoughts

Texas won, who cares?
Yup, the Angels are coming.
They beat the A's bad.


Houston loses, yes!
The Angels are still coming.
They beat the A's bad.


Why did I do this?
Go ahead; see here now, please.
Aren't I clever, folks?